New Technology Can Improve Your Pet's IaQ

New Technology Can Improve Your Pet’s IaQ

By Bruce Bley

In Atlanta, some of the more progressive, “high end”, pet boarding facilities (kennels) and veterinary clinics and specialists are doing something to improve your pet’s IaQ. That’s “Indoor Air Quality”, not Intelligence Quotient. These businesses are providing a healthy environment of clean, purified air in their facilities, using a unique and safe technology to eliminate most of the harmful things in the air that your pets breathe. The results are healthier, livelier, more alert pets and a healthier, happier staff. Pets suffer the same respiratory ailments as their human families, such as asthma, allergies, colds and chronic fatigue created by the air they breathe indoors, in addition to some unique ailments, such as “kennel cough”. And, pets (along with their human friends) are spending almost 90% of their time indoors. Pollen and air pollution and smog are all present outdoors during those Red Alert days. But the fact is that we have effectively sealed our families and pets inside with some very harmful things in the process of conserving energy. IAQ, or Indoor Air Quality, is a key concern these days.

Many of the major health agencies, including the EPA, World Health Organization and CDC are concerned about the quality of our indoor air. Indoor air pollution consists of three major categories:

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