NEW! PetLvr Poll

I have created a new poll in the sidebar .. and I hope you offer your voice and vote.

In our top menu, there are now TWO archive links. The first one, labelled “Lib1” .. is the Archives that has always been on this site. The second one, labelled “Lib2” is the new choice.

You probably noticed that every post has at least two categories associated with it – (a) the contributor and (b) topical categories. The point was that at the beginning of the creation of this blog, with all the Co-Contributors that I had hoped would join up with me in this blog .. well, it would be nice to see the posts by individual blogger. However, I basically post everything myself, and to me – it seems that maybe with the small amount of posts by the other contributors isn’t worth sorting it that way anymore. Lib2 just list all posts by month in chronological order, by month. It’s cleaner looking but, takes more time to load because while Lib1 displays the current month, all months, or any selected month .. Lib2 displays all months.

So .. please take the time to check both of our archive libraries out .. and then VOTE. In September I will only keep one archive link on the top menu, and it will be based on the majority vote of this sidebar poll.

UPDATE: I had a conflict showing both archives at the same time, due to mysterious conflicts of two working plugins. On “Lib1” (the old style archive) scroll all the way to the middle where indicated, and consider the BOTTOM portion is what Lib1 would be like. The above stuff actually is due to “Lib2”, as you will see if you click on that button

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