New Horse Classified Website Making a Big Splash

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New Horse Classified Website Making a Big Splash
by Sara Goldstein, a new horse classified website, is causing quite a stir among the horse community with its ground-breaking new way to go about providing horse resources. made its debut last month with almost 1 million hits and nearly 100 thousand page-views. The new website’s database of horses is growing every day as horse owners and breeders discover its advantages. With unique features such as the “no payment until you receive leads” selling option, the website is quickly becoming one of the most prominent online horse classified websites.

Not only is this website seller-friendly, it is also buyer-friendly. Buyers have the option to browse through as many horses as they wants for no charge and with a $3.00 annual membership can contact as many sellers as he or she wants. The membership gives the sellers some assurance that they will receive legitimate leads.

For those just looking for an informative resource, is the perfect fit! The website has a huge database of continuously updated, helpful articles about all aspects of buying, selling, owning and transporting horses. also provides free Fun Photosâ„¢ that allow horse enthusiasts to post pictures of their horses and other fun experiences.

Professional trainers, breeders or just horse owners looking to display their horses or services do not need to look any further. Personal web pages are great for the horse lover looking for low cost, templated websites and hosting. The professional will never grow out of their website because they can add as many pages as necessary.

Free and paid listings for horse professionals is a great way to connect people to the professional’s website or to them directly. The free ad option is a basic text ad where the professional can supply information about the service they provide and give contact information. The paid listing provides a low cost way to link potential clients directly to the service provider’s website.

With all these options in the new, revolutionary horse classified website the horse enthusiast can find Possibly the Perfect Matchâ„¢.


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