New Company Lets You Design Your Own Natural Pet Food Online and Have It Delivered Right to Your Door

I like free shipping! Here is a news release from Redmoon PetFood Fresh Inc., which has offices in both Minnesota, USA and Alberta, Canada. From their website:

As an owner, no one knows your pet better than you. That’s why RedMoon gives you the ability to create a food specific to your pet’s individual needs. We offer the only fully customizable pet food on the market, and we pack it full of healthy and fresh ingredients. From juicy lamb to whole blueberries, it all comes fresh from regional sources.

Shipping is free and Trial sizes are available. Any pet food you create is grain and gluten free, so start making your pet’s food now!

Media Contact: Stephanie Krol

A Pet Nutrition Breakthrough!

Brainerd, Minnesota (February 1, 2010) – Your dog or cat is different from all the rest. Ever wish they could have their own special food, based on their specific nutritional needs, delivered right to your door? Now you can, thanks to RedMoon Custom Pet Food ( In fact, you can even have each custom-blended bag named after your furry friend.

Just like people, every dog and cat has unique dietary requirements. Besides the breed, age, gender, size and energy level of your pet, other factors such as allergies play a major role in properly determining which diet to feed our pets. The ability to customize your pet’s food also gives you the flexibility to adapt to their ever-changing physical health. With RedMoon, you can even custom fortify their food with exclusive supplements such as an Immune/Antioxidant Booster, Hip & Joint Reviver or even a natural Skin & Coat Supplement.

The concept of an online, customized pet food manufacturing and delivery service is a pet industry first. It’s the brainchild of Jason Bailey, a long-time industry insider. His business model has been years in the making, based on pet owner feedback and his own personal experience with pet nutrition. He believes that pet owners have become mistrustful of pet food manufacturers and now want to be actively involved in feeding their pets the proper nutrition.

“As pet owners, the people behind RedMoon have recognized the need for a natural pet food that could address each of their dogs’ special health and nutritional needs,” said Jason Bailey, founder and president of RedMoon Pet Food Fresh, Inc. “After being disappointed for years by ordinary pet foods, pet owners want to take control of their dog or cat’s health. So I created a way, with a simple click of the mouse, for them to get the finest possible food delivered fresh to their doorstep.” Jason says he believes so strongly in these new recipes, “we even back them with a 110% money-back guarantee!”

The natural ingredients used in RedMoon products are the finest available – including regionally sourced antibiotic and hormone-free meats, whole raw fruits and vegetables, highly nutritious liver and low glycemic carbohydrate sources such as yellow peas, plus all-natural, chelated vitamins and minerals.

Each base kibble recipe is slow cooked in small batches to preserve essential nutrients pets need to thrive. Additionally, all RedMoon products are gluten, grain, soy, wheat, rice and corn-free. This is especially important for pet owners experiencing allergy problems with their pets.

RedMoon formulas have been developed and tested by a Natural Pet Nutritionist along with a team of PhDs in Animal Science. They not only pass the toughest nutritional criteria, but have been taste tested by a discerning panel of dogs and cats.

To uphold their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, RedMoon operates from two processing facilities, one in Brainerd, Minnesota and the other in Crossfield, Alberta, Canada. So wherever you live in North America, you know your pet’s custom food will stay fresh all the way to your door.

RedMoon even lets you name the special pet food you’ve created after the name of your furry friend. Soon, pet owners will even be able to choose a photograph of their pet to print on each bag!

How it Works:

Your unique dog or cat food formula is designed by you online, and delivered to your doorstep.

All you need to do is:

* Log onto
* Use the pet food creator to select the base formula, energy level, kibble size and supplements ideal for your dog or cat.
* Name your unique blend.
* Order your custom pet food creation.
* Have it delivered to your door.
* Watch your pet enjoy and get the nutrition they need.

Developed by a Natural Pet Nutritionist, RedMoon’s supplements are all-natural blends of nutraceuticals, herbs, enzymes, vitamins, essential trace elements, fatty acids and oils. Supplement blends can be changed at any time. RedMoon base formulas have more than enough nutrients, so supplements may not be necessary for every dog or cat. RedMoon’s special customization process ensures that all supplements avoid exposure to excessive heat so the nutritional integrity of the supplements are maintained – unlike other pet food manufacturing processes that add tiny amounts of supplements that are eroded in nutritional value from high cooking temperatures.

Canine supplements include:
– Antioxidant Immune Booster
– Digest-Aid
– High Gloss Skin & Coat Makeover
– Perfect Pant Oral Health Support
– Spring Step Joint Reviver – a high dose of supportive supplementation to help keep the hips
and joints healthy before problems occur.
– Spring Step Joint Reviver Plus – a more potent blend for hip and joint health and should
be considered for active dogs or for dogs that have had past hip and joint problems or injuries.
– More –

Feline Supplements include:
– Digest-Ease
– Kidney & Urinary Health Booster
– Limber Leap Joint Renewal
– S.O.S. Hairball Relief
– Sweet Breath Oral Helper
– Pretty Fur Skin & Coat Makeover

For dogs, RedMoon currently offers a moderate or high protein option in a Chicken & Yellow Pea or Lamb & Potato base formula. For cats, a Salmon & Sardine option is available. All diets are available in a 2.5 lb. trial for $18.99-$17.99, a 7 lb. size for $27.99-$31.99, and a 27 lb. size for $74.99-$89.99. All pricing includes shipping to any door in the continental United States and Canada as well as one free supplement. Because of the high quality of ingredients used and the nutritional density of the pet food, pet owners will see a reduction in the amount of food they need to feed. Every bag produced by RedMoon is traceable with a manufacturing batch code and date. Pricing for each additional supplement varies depending on type and bag size.

Each order has only a 3-5 day turnaround delivery by UPS. RedMoon offers customers a 110% satisfaction guarantee covering the refund of product and shipping; full details are available online. To take control of your pet’s nutrition, please visit

About RedMoon Pet Food Fresh, Inc.

RedMoon gets its name from the two full autumn moons that show a red color – the Harvest Moon and the Blood Moon (aka Hunter’s Moon). The significance of these moons is that when they are present in the fall, there is about an extra 30 minutes of light for farmers to finish their harvesting and for predators to track their prey. The two moons exemplify RedMoon’s philosophy of using harvest fresh ingredients and fresh meats to produce the best possible nutrition for our customers – dogs and cats.

RedMoon is the world’s only pet food producer that invites pet owners to participate in the process of creating food specific to their pet’s needs, and having each custom blended bag delivered directly to their door. To uphold their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, RedMoon operates two processing facilities, one in Brainerd, Minnesota and the other in Crossfield, Alberta, Canada. Every bag of RedMoon is traceable with a manufacturing batch code and date.

RedMoon Custom Pet Food prides itself on being socially responsible, ethical and high quality.
For more information, please visit

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