National Geographic Channel – Statement – Dog Whisperer

This is a follow-up to a previous article posted earlier .. Dog Whisperer Sued by Pet Owner ..

Editor’s Note: National Geographic Channel’s Statement on the Lawsuit Against Cesar Millan

As has been widely reported, a lawsuit has been filed against Cesar Millan and his Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles related to an injury to a dog that occurred at his center. From what we understand, Cesar was not there at the time the injury occurred, he never worked with this dog, and this unfortunate event was not connected with production of National Geographic Channel’s show “The Dog Whisperer.” Cesar is a tremendous dog lover and has been a tireless advocate and professional dedicated to improving their welfare. We continue to have full confidence in Cesar’s abilities and trust he is addressing this situation responsibly and with compassion.

Source: National Geographic Channel – Dog Whisperer: Blog


SHOW YOUR SUPPORT .. by clicking on the above link and leaving a comment .. or at least consider to visit the blog, see what he’s all about – whether you believe in him or not – or even care about this lawsuit. Really, anybody can file a lawsuit claim .. I hope nobody takes it too seriously until there is judgement and everybody has their day in court.

Dog Whisperer: Blog” .. while you are there .. stick around a while … read some training tips in the blog … follow the episodes … watch a few video clips … see some pictures …. and check out National Geographic too! 🙂

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