MysteryGuitarMan: How To Shoot Funny Pet Videos

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description ► MysteryGuitarMan: How To Shoot Funny Pet Videos Rumor has it that people spend hours watching pet videos online. (Not that we’ve ever done such a thing.) Digital filmmaker and YouTube sensation Joe Penna, known online as MysteryGuitarMan, shares tips for how to make funny pet videos in HD. Cute, funny & high definition? Bring on more flying kitties, skateboarding bulldogs and dachshunds in hot dog costumes! Keywords: how to make funny pet videos how to shoot a funny pet video how to shoot the funniest pet videos MysteryGuitarMan Joe Penna

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. funnyballa12
    | Reply


  2. StigsIrishNiece
    | Reply

    REX!!!!! =D

  3. jmoodie6
    | Reply

    Nice!!! 24th

  4. MyFlyingchicken
    | Reply

    get eddie!!!!!!

  5. fatzy9ttuts
    | Reply

    pppftt standerd and hd dont have that much of a differnce

  6. AlienLord22
    | Reply

    @holycrapjesusman ya but then the whole video looks worse

  7. aartje9
    | Reply

    Omg toby ♥♥

  8. lyrmatos
    | Reply

    i like your videos but im must say that is the worst camera ever i won that 1 whit a game and it just sucks name of camara Boogie

  9. charforeverbiotch
    | Reply

    @NuriWasHere oh. hhaha ^.^

  10. mrs1man
    | Reply

    you forsake your actual pet 😛

  11. stevewoods1024
    | Reply

    LOL IM VIEWER 7,777!!!!!

  12. IvanLovesJesus
    | Reply

    Fake horse

  13. kinepolis5
    | Reply


  14. chocolatecamera
    | Reply

    U HAVE A PONY!!??!?!

  15. MysteryGuitarMan
    | Reply

    @charforeverbiotch it was actually a mini pony!

  16. charforeverbiotch
    | Reply

    @MysteryGuitarMan really? that is so cool! i can’t believe you responded!

  17. babydisey
    | Reply

    do you really have a mini pony?

  18. Menybou
    | Reply

    Desculpe pela insolência mas deu para ver que era um plano de fundo usado para fazer o ponei aparecer.

  19. TheAlexTuber
    | Reply

    @MysteryGuitarMan YOU KNOW WHAT JOE?! THIS IS A ONE WAY RELATIONSHIP! You don’t reply to what I say to you. HMPH (me expressing my feelings) !

  20. OMGgirl1001
    | Reply

    6 people think he should train his horse better

  21. SarahTheAmazing
    | Reply

    @MysteryGuitarMan its actually a miniature horse, not pony. 😛

  22. Firstpoke
    | Reply

    I love these videos 😀

  23. Cliffordotieno
    | Reply

    i noticed the donkey i mean pony isn’t the in real time. chroma key was put into action. but i learn a from your clips. thumbs up.

  24. Irideallamawithtoast
    | Reply

    Pony ftw

  25. Kylar5715
    | Reply

    @SarahTheAmazing You cant actually judge without seeing the real horse, cause its obviously inserted to the video lmao, could be either, unless the guy tells us what breed it is ;).

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