My very first video upload…my pet pussycat

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Yes, this was the first video I ever uploaded to youtube. Enjoy. #32 – Most Discussed (Today) – Pets & Animals #18 – Top Rated (Today) – Pets & Animals #95 – Top Rated (This Week) – Pets & Animals

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. twister7boy
    | Reply

    no they are trying to run us out. hardly no work. what is here doesn’t pay unless you have a collage degree. buy boosting insane personal properity tax. if we don’t like we can move on. well nobody buying houses and the estimate they gave us for our house worth is just a big fat lie. tell me. would you buy a beat up shack in the middle of nowhere on 1/2 acor land for 300 grand. maybe a idiot but not somebody with any common sense. while they try and build town houses everywhere. oh please.

  2. hersheybar11
    | Reply

    Well, i have a university degree,(my Youtube age is fake in case you haven’t recognized), and i only get paid 116 grand(pharmacist). Taking into consideration that it costs well over $12000+ a YEAR to raise a lion. As you can see thats about 10% of my salary. So yeah, you have to have a tremendous amount of patience. I would say it’s just like raising a dog, exept for a SHITLOAD of restrictions!

  3. twister7boy
    | Reply

    great. im going to collage as soon as i get away from my family that thinks its a waste of time. 12 grand. gees around here it doesn’t cost much. as long as you don’t take them out in public. people tend to let you do what you want. my game warden knew and they didn’t make me get anything. just told me be careful. a pharmacist is cool. you know you’l always have a job. i don’t see all drug corporations going under anytime. nice choice. i was thinking forensics along that line for myself.

  4. hersheybar11
    | Reply

    Oh yeah, which ever one you want to be, i say go for it! But once you’re a pharmacist for a while it gets boring, as with any other job. It can NEVER be fun throughout.

  5. twister7boy
    | Reply

    yeah that’s why i like forensics. always something new to challenge you. plus you get to learn about different environments all over the world. its not just useless information. police use it everyday to solve cases. and wouldn’t it be cool if you solved a major case no one else can even start to think why. kinda like a expert of everything made on earth. i am leaning towards the medical field. and just making forensics my hobbie. like i study law all on my own. your job can’t be that boring.

  6. hersheybar11
    | Reply

    Not to sound contradictory: but as mere manifestation. Everything is primitive in this world, even the president of the United States.

  7. gentlegmusic
    | Reply


    5 starz % *****

    maar bij dit soort youtube filmpjes zijn alle reacties inglish maar jij bent toch ook gewoon nl :p iedergeval 5 sterren jwz



  8. ronandetta
    | Reply

    nice kitty cat.. lol…

  9. robertantonnyc
    | Reply

    He’s a beast to feed though. Glad I don’t have to bathe him. lol

  10. beachfrontal
    | Reply

    aha you nearly had me here believing it was actually yours, mmmmmmmm I have seen your apartment , and it aint big enough for this cat, so I am not that silly

    gee thanks for posting this as a video response. thank you David, post as many as you like your welcome.

  11. robertantonnyc
    | Reply

    who is this David of whom you speak?

  12. beachfrontal
    | Reply

    Maybe it should have been written like this.:-
    GEE thanks for posting this as a video response, Post as many as you like ,You are welcome, Thank you David.
    this David I speaketh of is ME!!! oK maybe I sholuld have out a PS or something.only goes to show that world wars can start if something isn’t written correctly hahahaha regards david.

  13. robertantonnyc
    | Reply

    Aha, lol. Funny! Thank You, David (would be more correct). You’re welcome, Robert

  14. moomay11649
    | Reply

    OMG ~ A tiger is my favorite animal.
    I have a tattoo of a tiger cub on my back.

  15. Weisenheimer78
    | Reply

    the comments all are across the board on this video.

  16. robertantonnyc
    | Reply

    Happy Holidays!

  17. robertantonnyc
    | Reply

    I love em all.

  18. verdonkeremanen
    | Reply


  19. salp92
    | Reply

    ppl be postin whole paragraphs hahah

  20. robertantonnyc
    | Reply

    we like to talk to each other. ; – )

  21. TheYeIIowDucK
    | Reply

    Copy and paste if you HATE the new YouTube layout.

  22. Bflatblues55
    | Reply

    This was fabulous, RA … love the laughin in the background, the sounds of the kids having fun… the big cat! Wowzer

  23. robertantonnyc
    | Reply

    @Bflatblues55 yeah, felt kinda like a kid myself. Love them big cats as long as they’re on the other side of the glass. ; — )

  24. MsKool4ever
    | Reply

    dat is not a pussycat an

  25. robertantonnyc
    | Reply

    @MsKool4ever lol

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