My Siberian Cat..Well Kitten Really! How To Train Your Cat GUARANTEED!

Are you a frustrated cat owner? “How to Turn Your Bad Cat Into a Well-Trained Pussycat in Less Than 2 Weeks Without Punishment, Pleading, or Struggle…Guara…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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40 Responses

  1. STangoFox
    | Reply

    Lovely cat, boring video.

  2. trailerkrazy
    | Reply

    Please can you put more videos up PLEASE! 😀

  3. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    @decrepitude Thanks…we got him from a professional breeder in Crewe,

  4. sharkboyray
    | Reply

    @antioxidantsguide He’s the cutest cat i’ve ever seen… I’m trying to
    convince my parents in letting me get a Siberian….

  5. Adin Mortadza
    | Reply

    he’s so adorable! I love his fur colour and pattern–stunning.

  6. MrSantaClaws1001
    | Reply

    @ismaelsbaby It’s sad that this is how the human world operates as well.

  7. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    @sharkboyray Thanks!

  8. Alexandra Moore
    | Reply

    Your cat looks like mine!

  9. ludalaszlo
    | Reply

    beautiful eyes!

  10. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    @aquangel1290 He’s a bit bigger now, and looks more regal and majestic!!

  11. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    @rini6 Yes, you are right. My daughter’s Siberians do not affect her or her
    partner, however, I break-out within a few minutes of contact with them and
    have to leave!

  12. Rachel Lehne
    | Reply

    your cat is so cute! 🙂

  13. leyhan1234
    | Reply

    I want a siberian sooo badly!!! from what breeder? I wish i didnt have
    allergies otherwise i could settle for a cheaper cat haha.

  14. Crazyrj14 Gaming
    | Reply

    siberian cats look just like siberian huskies. i prefer cats. Ps-your cat

  15. ismaelsbaby
    | Reply

    hes soo cute he doesnt need to do anything! he can just sit there and look

  16. MultiCsiribiri
    | Reply

    beautiful fluffy ball

  17. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    How old is she/he?

  18. racedragon
    | Reply

    he’s gorgeous. our siberian never grew big althou she’s a full breed cat.
    she now weighs 4 kgs & isnt very big like most siberians, & shes afraid of
    males XD

  19. aquangel1290
    | Reply

    He’s so adorable! He looks like a pint-sized Siberian tiger, only fluffier!
    I love it!!!

  20. Crazycat3011
    | Reply

    thats a little creature of fluffyness and cuteness 🙂

  21. galmiar2
    | Reply

    WOW what a beautiful cat! 🙂 Would you mind telling me what breeder you got
    him from? because i’m thinking of getting one soon. Thanks 🙂

  22. Mominator
    | Reply

    What a gorgeous kitten!

  23. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    @furygeist That’s true. He doesn’t meeow, like most cats’s hard to
    describe, sort of like a ‘chirrup’ ..if there is such a sound!! Apparently
    it’s common in Siberians to make that type of sound.

  24. ElsaSkelter
    | Reply

    how old is he?

  25. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    @MultiMateo89 Somewhere on my hard disk..just need to find them!

  26. Dendomaciatko
    | Reply

    Amazing. Diberian cats are really great. Oh, your cat is beautiful too 🙂

  27. 123abctennis
    | Reply

    He is adorable, and really beautiful.

  28. Tiger Tigersoft
    | Reply

    very nice cat 🙂 I have too siberian cat 🙂

  29. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    @ElsaSkelter He is about 2 and a half years old now, I have a couple more
    recent video’s of him to upload soon!

  30. flyingshamrockranch
    | Reply

    He’s so handsome! I have a one year old black mackerel…nearly identical
    but he has his full patterning, spots and stripes…He is quite the talker
    as well.

  31. sharkboyray
    | Reply

    beutiful cat

  32. Bubbiea
    | Reply

    thats a nice pussy

  33. decrepitude
    | Reply

    Wow. Striking features on his face. What a handsome fellow. I’d love to
    know where he came from!

  34. frankiefrann1212
    | Reply

    man i really want one there price range form is crazy i been looking for 6

  35. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    Thanks…This was taken last summer 2008, and he is a lot bigger, wiser and
    fluffier now!

  36. furygeist
    | Reply

    Hee. He yowls like a ghost. So cute.

  37. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    @crazyrj14 Thanks!

  38. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    @Dendomaciatko Thanks.

  39. Adin Mortadza
    | Reply

    he’s so adorable!

  40. Go! Tennis Channel
    | Reply

    @NoMind87 Very true…Thanks for that constructive comment!

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