My RSS Feed does not appear to be working // IT's FIXED NOW

UPDATE – our RSS Feed is now working … I have documented the reasons over on the HART-Empire Network blog

Thanks to the reader “Q” who informed me that this PetLvr RSS Feed is NOT working .. I just looked at it and apparently, it has not been working since I’ve upgraded it from wordpress version 1.5.2. to version 2.0.4. (nobody noticed)

“Q” .. If you are the same “Q” from Star Trek Next Generation .. please snap your fingers and fix my RSS feed! 😀 // Otherwise .. everyone will have to wait until I figure out what’s going on and fix this. It appears to be a validation error, but I’m not certain and have enlisted the aid of RSS Feed Gods to look at the problem .. in my quest to fix this once and for all.

My apologies … I’ll get this working dang nabbit!

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