My Rat Comes When I Call

my rat comes when i call ..were in the backyard with her it was a hot day wanted to take her out for some fresh air for about ten minutes ..

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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28 Responses

  1. Brittney w
    | Reply


  2. John Morissette
    | Reply

    Great pets. Mine came when called. If they didn't, a shake of the cereal box got them right over.

  3. Amy
    | Reply

    Rats are extremely intelligent! I used to have a rabbit that came to his name too. Also litter trained him. I'm going to look into a rat as a pet.

  4. mandyajel
    | Reply

    I look forward to when I get my bucks, I use to have three girls but in having two boys this time. If I took my girls outside I use to put them in a big cage with places to hide out of the sun and made sure their water bottle was always filled with cold water. I wish I could of let them out like its but my rats would of ran like the wind..

  5. Brittney w
    | Reply

    I watch her real good and make sure we only stayed out there for a little bit then went back inside because it did make me nervous

  6. Glitter Wart
    | Reply

    You're hella brave to let your rat outside.
    I couldn't take any of mine out. I'd be afraid of something coming and taking them.

  7. da GrizzlyPanda
    | Reply

    my rats hated being outside, they climbed up my foot every time i had them outside

  8. annamaria peterfia
    | Reply

    You are right. That Rolando is stupid, never mind what he says, certainly he is not that smart as some rats…

  9. Farmer Rex
    | Reply

    I can't stand baby talk.

  10. annamaria peterfia
    | Reply

    so cute!! does she swim sometimes???

  11. steven macfarlane
    | Reply need a punch in your filthy mouth,boy.Talking to a woman like that make you a hard man does it?come to scotland laddie,we know how to teach manners and you certainty need some..and rats are the sweetest beasties on earth you ignorant pig.

  12. Vincent Voltage
    | Reply

    People talk to you as if you understood anything they said.
    I guess people like talking to stupid animals. If only you were as smart as these rats, maybe then we could communicate

  13. Lupus Luca
    | Reply

    @Rolando Mota *fucking *you -talk to her- *as if she understands *you *stupid *an. Also, there was no need to add an ellipse after the word "rat". Oh, wait you probably don't know what an ellipse is! Right! Anyway, *ew (the excessive use of the "e" is rather annoying darling!) Another tip is that you might want to make your insults look at least well worded before you go splashing them all over YouTube. Otherwise you just look like "stuped white trash". ^_^

  14. Rolando Mota
    | Reply

    Stupid bitch that fuckin rat is not a dog u talk to her like if she understand u are stuped white trash talking to a ugly rat…eeew wtf

  15. Ella Miller
    | Reply

    how did you train her to come?

  16. Tearna Reddy
    | Reply

    Ahh she is beautiful

  17. D. Scott Whitaker
    | Reply

    So sorry for your loss Brit 🙁 I have Jacks urn on the mantle. We had him cremated when he died. The vet said that 4 years old for a white albino lab rat is like 150 years old to a human being…..ha ha ha In my experiences with them, when treated with TLC and daily gentle handling, they are the best pets in the world with each one having a distinct personality. The only negative is there short life and how attached people get.

  18. Brittney w
    | Reply

    @Bastarden lol that is funny they do love doing that

  19. skimlines
    | Reply

    seems like she needed more training back then.. it's nice to see her frolicking around outside.

  20. vigdys
    | Reply

    Each animal is unique … It is impossible to take an animal to "replace" another ! Do not compare your new little companions precedents. Love them and take time with them, they need your care and your kindness. You will also have different and unique moments to live together ! 🙂

  21. Lisa Gibson
    | Reply

    I wanted a hairless, I did get a Rex rat.. his fur looked like he had a perm and even his little whiskers were curled.. Mine lived about 5yrs.

  22. DebbieLacey54
    | Reply

    Beautiful girl. Their lifespan is so short. It is heartwrenching every time you lose one.

  23. Wezilla
    | Reply


  24. Rattery Atyla
    | Reply

    yeah himalayans are really cool. but i prefere british blue or russian blue.
    i really don't like hairless but i've one!

  25. TheRewild West
    | Reply

    Cute! Lookit on my channel I have a cute vid of one of my lil guys who just passed away, it's called Blinden the Blind Rat Steals My Spoon =)

  26. Immykaytlin BigMisty
    | Reply

    i have 2 fancy rats!i wnat a siamese!!they look beatuful!

  27. pcschwarz
    | Reply

    She is so smart and beautiful! So great that you can take her outside. People don't understand, they would never run away from you. They love to come when called and want to be with you. Thanks for the video!!

  28. Brittney w
    | Reply

    oh really Himalayan huh that`s kool how did you find that out

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