I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

This is just a short video where I try to introduce you to my new rare breed of animal. Enjoy.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Pieroxx4eva
    | Reply

    Maybe i shud go to the hospital…OH WTF IM FINE U BASTARDS!!!!!!

  2. crazychickenthatflys
    | Reply

    AWWW no second “whats up”

  3. SexxiKitty666
    | Reply

    Just going on record as saying my name is Fiona.

  4. youngbullphilosopher
    | Reply

    i thought the title was my new rape pet when i saw it

  5. DazedVampires109
    | Reply

    @youngbullphilosopher Same.

  6. shakespearianboy
    | Reply

    @goobervongoober As did i….

  7. ZimIsInsane
    | Reply

    I want 1 of those

  8. deathlord4444
    | Reply

    414 people thought fluffie actually died

  9. SugarShay2014
    | Reply

    @goobervongoober ME TOO! XD

  10. SugarShay2014
    | Reply

    @goobervongoober ME TOO! XD

  11. MsVicky1996
    | Reply

    Wat a princess??? lol

  12. bambina320
    | Reply

    HIS name is princess fiona??? no wonder he is so pissed off! LMAO

  13. 101wolfspirit
    | Reply

    i thought he said” OHH! OHH! HES EATING MY BALL SACK!!”

  14. PureMetalToTheBones
    | Reply

    I though it was molesting you :L

  15. thecomputernerd444
    | Reply

    he didn’t say hey whats up :O

  16. jennak901
    | Reply

    sounded like a mad racoon

  17. zxcvbwolf
    | Reply

    some princess, she is horny as f**k

  18. giotto1006
    | Reply

    @goobervongoober You’re not alone!

  19. definedforever
    | Reply


  20. ray2chy
    | Reply

    those sound effects were nasty XD

  21. ForgotteMemories101
    | Reply

    lol whatever ut is, i want one

  22. iLucyBieber
    | Reply

    at first i thought the title said ‘MY NEW RAPE PET’

  23. lovelazydayz
    | Reply

    i love your belt:DD

  24. jkufner
    | Reply

    is it a verry silent tiger/lion?

  25. e8tmep3
    | Reply

    @iLucyBieber SO DID I! XD

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