I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

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What do you think?

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  1. WJYWJYWHAT says:

    @ilSfUjD0we6aTA ugh like a milliion pounds and thanks 😀

  2. thepianopedal says:

    herp derp

  3. WJYWJYWHAT says:

    @thepianopedal indeed

  4. ur really good at editing!

  5. E V I L C A T

  6. WJYWJYWHAT says:

    @subpals4 thank you!

  7. robinjoo1100 says:

    sent it to my frends

  8. bertskie95 says:

    liked ;D really funny

  9. TheGameingLife says:

    how the hell did you get her to run after you!?!?!

  10. RealComptonCityboys says:

    thats what my kitty looks like, her name is mittens….such an original name xD

  11. cashm0ney7 says:

    im pretty sure all cats are evil x)

  12. NocturnalSnipin says:

    i like the cat point of view shark thinggy 😀 liked and fav’d

  13. SSDZUnleashed says:

    haha that one cat in the garage is like- WTF?

  14. KrazySeanSub1 says:

    liked and faved, really funny, part 2?

  15. kajulse55 says:

    such a big fricken cat O_o

  16. depakmehata says:

    haha the fridge thing 🙂 liked

  17. BBoyDan01 says:

    i like the jaw music! 😀 wish i could like more than once, but liekd

  18. TheTokillamocking says:

    make a part 2!!! 😀 that would make me so happy!!

  19. deciduouss says:

    that pretty evil for a cute lil kitty 😉

  20. MsLolerblader says:

    dats a big friggen cat 0-0

  21. GameOver9973 says:

    faved 😉 love all ur vids wyatt

  22. opTicEaglePS3 says:

    its actually really creepy that she runs after you!

  23. DawnSignal says:

    i wish i had an evil cat 😉 NOT xD

  24. LooLaura1996 says:


  25. Singwhatuwant says:

    Check out thecomputeritself! He makes cool vids

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