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doggie bike trailer

I’m at the beach right now, on my laptop with my new EVDO card access .. having my morning cup of coffee. In a few minutes, my wife will be out jogging for about an hour and half to two hours around the neighborhood .. and I will be joining her riding my red bike. Last summer, when we used to go every morning jogging/biking .. we left the dogs in the cottage. The reason was basic – they couldn’t keep up!

It wasn’t until half way through the summer that our neighbors complained about the barking, although it really wasn’t a complaint per say .. just “acknowledgement” that our dogs were barking every minute we were gone. I just stopped going on the morning bike rides.

Well this summer I don’t want to stop. So, I bought a used baby trailer off of an online classified site in our area ( and modified it to fit the dogs! There were a few issues at first … basically the room inside the carriage. Where the child would be sitting on a 45 degree lean-back … I removed it and replaced it with a huge comfortor blanket. After my first trial run, it seemed that gravel and stuff was shooting inside the carriage where the baby’s feet would normally go .. so, with the help of my cousin Yale help created a “surgical” nylon mask that I can cover the hole and stop the sand from entering into the trailer.

After two days .. Maxxie and Sophie are coping well with it. Maxxie, more than Sophie. After a while, Sophie starts to whimper and I seem to be finding the best solution (rather than appearing to be yelling at my child in a bike trailer) .. is to just put Sophie inside the front basket. Plus, this gives Maxxie a little more room inside the trailer! He’s really good and actually likes to be hauled around and he gets to see the sites.

I will eventually be putting up all of these pictures and closeups of the bike and trailer over at however .. with this EVDO Mobile access .. I am limited by the amount of graphics and files that I can upload and download (500MB per month) so, I am cautious of uploading more at the present time .. until I get home on the DSL connection.


The rest of those “Doggie Trailer” pictures are up now, starting on Page 4 and on Page 5 if interested.

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2 Responses

  1. Juliette Morgan
    | Reply

    This looks really good for dogs who can’t bike with their owners – I have adopted a sick dog who isn’t very mobile but happy and I might consider this, thanks.

  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    This worked out really well for us … the dogs like the walks, but other times it’s just too far and they don’t like to stay alone in the cottage and often bark and make too much noise for the neighbors.

    But – I basically “pieced this baby trailer together” to work for the dogs. I highly recommend actually getting an official dog trailer (like the red one on this subsequent post ) it will be well worth it!

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