My Dog Takes Off and Won’t Come Back! How to Train Your Dog

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35 Responses

  1. Scott Waring
    | Reply

    Almost lost my dog this way…thanks for the tips. I’ll try them.

  2. doglover
    | Reply

    How do you teach a dog people names, then ask to ‘go see –‘ and the dog
    will understand?

  3. HorsesR Cool
    | Reply

    I really need help with my dog, he is a German Shepard, and he does all he
    commands (sit, stay, wait, lie down, waits for his food, etc) when we are
    inside, but then outside, he runs around like crazy, which is OK, because
    we live on a acreage but when its time to come in, he runs around, pretends
    its a game, and I tried he playing with them outside, and I still do, but
    it’s just not working. I try doing all he commands outside, but if he is
    not on a leash, he just doesn’t listen! I even put him on the deck, because
    there is lots of space and its still outside and he can’t get out, but he
    still won’t do them! Come and all that he does inside, just not out! He
    does it on a long leash, but not when he is off leash! I really need help.

  4. Nehir Banaz
    | Reply

    Can you make a video about your favorite dog toys for small breeds (I have
    a toy poodle) ? We all know about the kongs but I’m looking for interactive
    toys that my dog can play on her own without food. Thank you.

  5. Aeryun Stöcklein
    | Reply

    I don’t let my dog into a dog park until they feel neutral about other
    dogs. I usually avoid dog parks any way. I don’t like dog parks. It’s just
    too unpredictable who will walk in. 🙂 great video!!

  6. Nehir Banaz
    | Reply

    I wanted to thank you for this video. I also have a 10 week old puppy and
    your encouragements are getting me through the sleepless nights 🙂 My puppy
    also wakes up every 3 hours. I don’t feed him late at night but even that
    is not enough for her to sleep through the night. I have accepted this. I
    know it will get better and since she is my baby I try to be patient and
    play with her in the middle of the night. I know she will grow out of this
    habit. Because I plan my life around her needs, she rarely barks or cries
    and she has a very good relationship with me. We also never have any potty
    incidents because I can foresee when she needs to go and I supervise her
    constantly. I recommend everyone to be patient and attentive and they will
    get amazing results with time.

  7. Dean Wilson
    | Reply

    I’ve been training dogs for about a year. I’m having a problem teaching
    some of the dogs learning jump tricks. I believe there afraid of leaving
    the ground. Any advice

  8. Teh Lazy Spartan
    | Reply

    Thanks for the Video Zak #Positivedogtraining :D

  9. infanta55
    | Reply

    But My dog only pickup the toy after she see it is laying on floor…

  10. nintendogsbianca
    | Reply

    how can i make my dog stop barking when someone rings the door bell? every
    time someone rings the bell my beagle runs downstairs and starts barking.

  11. Reyna Branzuela
    | Reply

    Hi so I just got a 8 week old lab but hes always sad it seems and is not
    interested in me training him hes not toy or food motivated. I try to get
    his attention to get him more excited but he will just walk away from me
    and goes to sleep. Or when he does come up to me he bites my feet or hands
    and wont allow me to mop the floor or sweep he will try and take the mop
    and broom from me. What should I do please help. Is it okay to have someone
    else train my puppy will that work or only with them?

  12. T Davis
    | Reply

    Pitbull with a Shortman Complex:
    I have question (this for anyone) I rescued a 4 year old pitbull with a
    short man complex!! He dosnt like big dogs and has actually attacked 2
    grate dains that where chasing him. How do I work with him to de more
    comfortable around these bigger dogs? And do you recomend a dog park for
    socializing or something else?

  13. Produbstep
    | Reply

    my dog always sits down when i put on the leash and bites the leash, what
    should i do?

  14. Rachel Barclay
    | Reply

    So if your puppy whines and you are sure it’s from boredom rather than
    having to go out, do you simply ignore it or is there anything that can be
    done to help train them to be quiet? 

  15. Firstneim Lastneim
    | Reply

    I wish our pupblic education system would apply some of your methods in
    their human training

  16. sean staples
    | Reply

    Just wondering if their is a good way to get my australian puppy to stop
    biting the back of my legs when I walk. We spend alot of time playing fetch
    but whenever I walk she zig zags and nips my legs. Thanks

  17. Juliasugarfruit
    | Reply

    My neighbor has a high energy border collie that is about a year and when
    we try to get to come to me as well as the owner, we play chase. It doesn’t
    go so well because she ALWAYS tries to herd me and starts barking and
    nipping at my heels. How do I get her to stop?

  18. alexsgirl0525
    | Reply

    My dog would sleep with me on my bed but now I want to teach her to sleep
    on her own bed but she cries and barks when I don’t let her on my bed what
    do I do?

  19. superwomae
    | Reply

    Do you have any tips on how to control a hyper dog? I don’t here a lot of
    dogs talk about “impulse” training and I am very interested in getting more
    information about this.

  20. Shivanshu Kumar
    | Reply

    My dog he looks at me when i call him after he gets away, but then he runs
    away as soon as he looks at me,he ignores anything that i tri to give him
    and does what he wants. He also pulls on leash and tries to get away,i want
    to change that so he walkes with me without a leash and not running
    away.Can you help fix it

  21. Dean Wilson
    | Reply

    Love the Q and A video

  22. Collin Hill
    | Reply

    Should I teach my border collie australian terrier mix tricks since I don’t
    have any sheep to for him to herd? Please respond back. I’m going to get a
    mix like that.

  23. Laura Rakestraw
    | Reply

    We’ve been working really hard on training, and we’ve been making a lot of
    progress, but one of my dogs gets incredibly enthusiastic about everything,
    which is a mixed blessing. One, it makes it hard for her to concentrate on
    learning, but two, she gets really snappy about taking the treats from me.
    She keeps getting my fingers and it’s really hard not to get angry when
    you’re being bruised. With some treats, typically larger dental chews, or
    if I’m giving her a handful of something, it’s easy to present my hand in a
    way that she can avoid putting her teeth on me (and she’s not trying to –
    she is definitely going for the treat, not me), but for small training
    treats it’s nearly impossible. My thumb hurts from trying to work on nice
    leash walking this morning. 

  24. Leny Beltran
    | Reply

    I’m bringing home a new baby and would love to teach my dog to stay out of
    bed rooms once baby comes. 

  25. April Winkler
    | Reply

    I have a 14 week old Border Collie and I sometimes have to put her in the
    back yard (fenced) after telling her no as a time out for a couple of
    minutes. The problem is that she jumps at the door. She has figured out
    that the nob is how the door opens and she keeps trying to jump up. It is a
    glass door and I am afraid she might break the door. I have tried a squirt
    bottle to let her know not to jump, then when she listens to a sit command,
    I let her back in. Any more ideas on this?

  26. Damon James
    | Reply

    um i dont have a dog yet but can you tell me why pepole like to you all
    those bad collars and why do dogs have to struggle

  27. Be The Hopeful
    | Reply

    I love the Dog park question. Last week I had someone hit my dog twice with
    a leash and tried to kick her (I NEVER hit my dog- why would he hit someone
    else’s dog)… She’s a pit mix and his dogs were two small Chihuahua mixes
    and his dogs came up to my baby to play chase. when they ran by he started
    yelling at my dog and tried to kick her away! She’s never hurt anyone,
    she’s a puppy and she came when I called her… They were in the 25+ lbs
    dog park too… craziness!

  28. Christine Henderson
    | Reply

    My 1 year old shih tzu can’t fit a tennis ball in his mouth.. I throw it
    and he chases it but the tennis ball is just to big for his mouth what
    should I do?

  29. Ally Lala
    | Reply

    My dog is a beagle mixed with a fox terrior and he doesnt like a lot of
    dogs, he hasnt been social and he likes to bark really loud at every single
    dog he sees but he likes certain types of dogs like its really weird. If I
    Say Doggy!!!! He starts to bark so what should i do to stop him from
    barking at each dog?? I mean if he likes the dog he greets the dog and if
    he doesnt he continues to bark

  30. Aileen Velez
    | Reply

    How can I get my dog to not bite the leash when im going to walk her

  31. mauro duarte
    | Reply

    Omg shut the fuck up i mean i click in this video with a question and you
    just blablabla shit for 30 sec. I wanna know how to stop my dog from runing
    away not what you have to offer or if u have awesome videos JESUS stop
    doing that on the fucking videos and put it on the description

  32. Linda DeChow
    | Reply

    Yes, definitely more Q&A videos, please. Thanks for all the tips. Both of
    my furry kids are rescues, Foster is my newest on the left-hand side, the
    fluffy little one, and I only just adopted him in March 2014. I would
    enjoy a discussion on retraining, or training an older rescue dog. Both of
    these dogs were abandoned and I rescued them from shelters, so I had some
    trust issues to overcome. With Foster-who is 2, I believe I am now at the
    point where he feels more stable and integrated into the household and is
    ready for a more focused training. Thanks Zach, I am learning a lot from
    your videos.

  33. Danielle Byrd
    | Reply

    i would like to see more videos of YOUR dogs 🙂 

  34. parisGreenDay
    | Reply

    Yes, more Q&A please! Thanks to you, my doggie listens to me at the dog
    park because I trained her in different places before we ever went to the
    dog park! :)

  35. jnlor52
    | Reply

    You give really great advice! My puppy is well behaved but these vids are
    really helping

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