MY CAT SMILES!? How to train your cat to meow at anytime!

My cat says hello to all of you and smiles with lots of love! Kind of…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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10 Responses

  1. paulbeem10
    | Reply

    I love cats´╗┐ I’m a little more of a cat person

  2. Kabuki Kitsune
    | Reply

    I have a very vocal little beagle who simply goes ballistic´╗┐ when I go out of the room. Barking this sad cry as if to say “come back. come back”

  3. orvis8
    | Reply

    i own a cat and a snake…

    honestly my snake dose a better job at being a “lap pet” than my cat. She only comes when there is food, and otherwise is like “Im out bitch! *Walks off* ”

    that and my snake is more docile than my cat. she loves to claw at peoples feet she dose not know, were my snake is like “alright cool, no problem man, il just´╗┐ lay on this guy then”

  4. LadyBuggin777
    | Reply

    lol he’s a cute kitty´╗┐ ~

  5. doctorf17
    | Reply

    my male cat has this look on his face whean you stop peting him like he says : il cut of your balls if you´╗┐ dont contine xD and my female cat (his doughter) is just crazy she tried to bite of my tubm once while playing lol

  6. VideoGameLover58
    | Reply


  7. David Nguyen
    | Reply

    And such a cute cat´╗┐

  8. David Nguyen
    | Reply

    At the beginning his left paw looks like a fish´╗┐

  9. brandon smith
    | Reply

    cute cute cute ´╗┐

  10. Richard Ocampo
    | Reply

    hey weenie cute ´╗┐ cat

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