My best friend of all time Lucy-ann

My best friend of all time Lucy-ann

YouTube Description

Lucy is a amazing 7-year old border collie corg mix and We use positive reinforcement and clicker training. for all of lucy’s training and for more video’s of Lucy come and see her as: … BUT MOST OF ALL WE WOULD LIKE TO SAY A BIG THANK’S TO CHRIS YENNEY FOR THE UES OF THE AMAZING SONG (YOUR DECEPTION) you cane find more from him at

What do you think of this video?

Thoughts, comments, etc are welcome!

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20 Responses

  1. youraverageuser
    | Reply

    great video she is a spoiled pup! 🙂 i like that ha ha i do the same 🙂

  2. chrisayenney
    | Reply

    Awesome video guys!!! Thanks so much for using my song in the video. =).

  3. milothebeagle08
    | Reply

    amazing video! btw who sings this song?

  4. petlover582
    | Reply

    You cane only download it from iTunes =o)

  5. bwild61
    | Reply

    Outstanding video! Thank you for sharing.

  6. milothebeagle08
    | Reply

    is there a way i can download it? i really love the song so much!

  7. BooBoosChannel
    | Reply

    Lucy is so a cute Puppy. and I love the video.

  8. puggykisses
    | Reply

    Ahh….I love this one too!! so cute!

  9. wowhornby
    | Reply

    Lucy you are awesome!

  10. petlover582
    | Reply

    My amazing friend (CHRIS YENNEY) sings this song and the name of the song is (YOUR DECEPTION)

    ~Angel and Lucy~

  11. ashesoneeight
    | Reply

    Wow she looks almost exactly like my dog,with the cow spots,But lucy is chubbier

  12. MuttMaxx
    | Reply can Lucy be that cuuuuute!? <33

  13. Dehzee
    | Reply


  14. iMorganHiggins
    | Reply

    So cute! Love it when cats and dogs give love to each other!

    | Reply

    cool nice video and such  a cool voive! regards 🙂

  16. PetluverChannel
    | Reply

    Aw Lucy is so awesome 😀 Love the video guys!!

    | Reply

    voice lol;)

  18. cosmomatic100
    | Reply

    Lucy is just so sweet, she is just a wonderful dog!

  19. chico4571
    | Reply

    Une vidéo bien sympatique et tres jolie Bravo*****
    Merci pour ce tres bon moment de spectacle.
    Bises de France

  20. DeividMaler
    | Reply

    cute vid 🙂

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