This post was submitted as part of the Pet ‘Net Adoption Event 2008 to heighten awareness about animal shelter adoption.Please visit your local shelter, or Human Society location and ADOPT A PET if you can. Your continued support is essential to enhancing the quality of life for all animals and there are several ways you can help, besides adoption, which includes donations, fostering, volunteering, etc. Here’s HOW YOU CAN HELP support my local Winnipeg Humane Society. Thank-You. // HART

* Reprinted from The WHS Newsletter – Fall 2008

Murphy has been a great addition to our family. He has graduated from obedience class where he was an excellent student, and we have learned that he will do almost anything for treats! We are still working on some skills but overall he is really well behaved. He’s got a bit of a bratty streak but with that cute, smiley face it’s pretty hard to get mad at him…for too long anyway! We’re considering agility classes – I think he’d do well and have a lot of fun.

Murphy comes to work with us sometimes, which he really enjoys – there are lots of people to play with him and usually some extra treats!! It’s not quite so hard to get him into the car these days. He jumps in willingly, waits while his seatbelt gets clipped in and settles down for the ride. His longest trip to date is to Regina.

He loves to go for walks, but has started running with me and, I think he likes that even more. He is getting more comfortable around other dogs, especially small dogs. He jumps up and down and spins around when he gets close to a small dog. Sometimes he even barks! I’m still not sure if he thinks it’s a new friend or a chew toy, but don’t worry, no small dogs have been harmed in Murphy’s presence! He knows his toys by name and he loves to take them squeak and shake them vigorously – he is a terrier after all.

When he’s not playing or out for a walk, Murphy is pretty relaxed and usually resembles a throw rug somewhere on the floor…or the sofa if he thinks he can get away with it! We often say how lucky we are ‘cause we got the best dog from The Winnipeg Humane Society. Thank you all again for all of your help as we worked through the decision making process before adopting Murphy. We are so happy we have him and judging by the grin on Murphy’s face, I think he’s happy to have us!

Valerie, Paul and Murphy

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