Much Love Animal Rescue 2006

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

>> Note: From YouTube >>

Much Love Animal Rescue

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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25 Responses

  1. CassandraMotou

    i think they mentioned LA once, asdf ^_^

  2. CassandraMotou

    gorgeous video! man, if i wasnt clinging a financial cliff with my fingernails, id probably end up adopting every shelter animal in sight! id just have a huge ranch or something, i guess… *sighs* plenty of motive, but no opportunity -_-

    anyway, this is very well done. faved and 5*ed. this world needs more kindness

  3. CassandraMotou

    Allison Krauss, “When You Say Nothing At All” ^_^

  4. AnimalLvr13

    i wish they wouldn’t put the animals to death and i wish people could b nice to adopt an animal! its so sad!

  5. pikieater

    great video
    I cant believe 1600 dogs were killed within those 6 min..

  6. MyChEmIcAlRoMaNcE498

    omg that made me really think very good video

  7. gainunits

    we need more groups like this………..

  8. Audibarrelracing

    The song says, Why do you see right through me. That is so true! Take care of your animals people and please realize that taking an animal to a shelter is not something to be taken lightly – because ofter it’s you animal’s death sentence! I am Anti-Animal abuse – are you?

  9. sxclilcowgirl

    ♥ Great job guys!

  10. 1Ainat1

    i like very much the video

  11. ahenshaw16

    awesome video. Much Love u do tons of great work for homeless/abandonded animals, thank-u.

    Does anyone know what the last song before the credits is??

  12. Mirrehh

    i luv yah guys..♥ i love the work that they do!


    tengo dos perritas recogidas de la perrera, una la recogí con 2 años y otra con 5, son adorables, cariñosas, creo que son hasta más cariñosas por que tienen miedo de ser abandonadas de nuevo. Son preciosas, y las quiero, las adoro. En España, por desgracia es un pais donde abandonan a gran número de perros

  14. rubyranga

    The song is Am I not pretty enough’ by Kasey Chambers, Australia

  15. berrymint

    really good vid…almost made me cry 🙁
    i wish i could adopt all of those poor animals.

  16. loveemepleasee

    awh 🙁

  17. aspirationsdream

    It should be illegal to not allow pets in housing. Time to rise up against these restrictions.

  18. iloveseattle123

    aww sad! the first day i turn 18 i am going to volunteer at out local shelter [age req. of 18 years…it suxxs!]

  19. CeaserSophie

    My landlord wont let me get another dog 🙁 So yesterday I went to my local shelter and sponsered a dog that’s been there 6 months.

  20. KBear121104

    move to iowa….u can 8 through 11 to not get in direct contact with the animals…. and 12 and up can get in direct contact with the animals….. we take very good care of them..iowans love an iowan

  21. CenaBoy316

    so sad pepole are mean now days i coundt see my self not taking care of my pets it makes me cry 🙁 i wish i could adopt all of them but i try to get some of them im getting a cat well kity sone so 🙂

  22. korgothgirl

    oooo… I want to adopt all of those dogs and cats! I hate how some people are mean and bad to animals! I don’t care if animals are ugly og beautiful! I just love them!

  23. GaiaGirl2468

    I almost got a spoted pitbull mix puppy their but we had 2 dogs

  24. jouke009

    the little cats are cute i want them 😀

  25. InuyashaBAAKA

    lucky for me my bestfriends dad works at the local animal shelter(i am 13) so i voulenteered there and now i get to help take care of the animals! there is this one kitten that stole my heart i want her so bad! but my dad and mom wont let me have any more animals. I already have a dog and a rabbit