Mouse Training Secret: How To Teach A Mouse To Walk Backwards

Believe it or not, walking backwards is one of the easiest tricks you can teach a mouse. This video makes you wanna buy a mouse? PLEASE read this notice befo…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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34 Responses

  1. NanaBorderCollie
    | Reply

    I am tremendously sorry to hear of Brösel’s passing! Her and Grimaldi have
    been my personal favourites of yours to watch. My sincerest condolences.

  2. Hannah Smith
    | Reply

    How long are your training sessions?

  3. Frank
    | Reply

    A mouse walking backwards looks amazingly cute.

  4. King of Midgard
    | Reply


  5. Petco
    | Reply

    This is incredible! Good job!

  6. Benjamin De Groot
    | Reply

    These videos are so cool it’s cool.

  7. Hamster Liebe
    | Reply

    Sooo süüß und toll ! ♥ ouh man Brösel die schlaue maus :/

  8. Falon Teichman
    | Reply

    Oh no! So sad to hear of Brosel. She was my favorite mouse. I wait months
    to see your new videos, and loved anything with her in it. Sorry for your

  9. Paul Zap
    | Reply

    How much do mice cost ? 

  10. Plissa Barrett
    | Reply

    you have the smartest babies and it was a delight to see all of them in
    this video. i have had mice and rats but unfortunately not patient enough
    to train them. you have a true gift. maybe you ought to change your name to
    The Rodent Whisperer! LOL!

  11. Alsasian Atmopawiro
    | Reply

    I love it! 🙂

    Can we do this to multiple mouse at the same time?

  12. Rumiko K
    | Reply

    brösel hat nun weise federflügelchen.. und bringt über den wolken alles
    durcheinader weil er versucht wolken flug tricks den anderen mäusen bei zu

    immer wieder toll wie du den mäusis das bei bringst.
    pass nur auf, irgend an sind sie so schlau, dan bekommst du was zu naschen
    wen du brav ihren trick lernst.

  13. pancho lefty
    | Reply

    Please teach us some more mouse training like fetching balls or jumping or
    calling by their names…

  14. James Long
    | Reply

    I got all size of this creature which I hates so much. It went through all
    my foods, it ate through my walls, it chews through woods and got in all my
    kitchen cabinet, it ate my cloths, it even chew the lid and the rims of all
    my plastic buckets that I used to store my foods in to prevent them from
    eating the foods supply, and it chews on everything. We used metals to seal
    all the holes but it just chew on the woods that has no metal. There was
    one hole the size the size of a part of the light bulb. It fit just right
    so I broke off glass part and screw it in place and I used a hammer and
    nailed it down. I cleaned the place to clear out the droppings and it’s
    scents so that it can’t find it’s way back. I used woods and nailed shut
    other place it used to go into this place. I was getting ready to mice
    proof that place. When I was ready to store my stuffs I found out that
    light bulb has been removed. I knew that had to be a bigger one but I only
    saw the little one and the babies. My shoes new and old shoes they ate them
    all. My home is very clean and we learned not to invite it in by taking
    precautions. The God damn creatures came from my neighbors one door down
    from me. My next door neighbor was complaining to me that he had mices and
    said to me that his next door neighbors has lots of mices and that the home
    is very dirty. My outdoor trash cans are place in a wooden box made with
    metal sheets nailed on the outside to prevent them from chewing in. But it
    found other ways to get into our home. All the walls are inspected and
    repaired with cements patch. We had to put in a second layer of wall. We
    learned it came from our car garage door. During the time the garage door
    are opened it came through. We removed all objects stored in the garage to
    see the activities. The Entrance door in our garage has metal sheets
    nailed on both sides. The surrounding walls are cement blocks. We still
    found mices living with us and it walks like it is our pets. The children
    in our home was saying ” It thinks it is our pet because it walks with us ”
    We tried it all and nothing seems to worked. So we moved out. The children
    still talks about it after 7 years passed. We used all kinds of methods to
    try to get rid of them but with no success. We did found one method that
    worked. We reused one of the method got used tricks. It did worked but it
    seems the rats got smarter and we lost the war and moved out. I am
    determines to win this war by going back to live there. The home has been
    emptied for more than fives years. My parents has went back to check it out
    and the place was full of rats droppings. There are no foods in that place
    so why does it lived there? I learned after years of moving out that there
    was a huge holes opened at the basement that has been broken I believed by
    my other side of the neighbors. And I think it came from this next door
    neighbors. They are very dirty people. There were more than 20 peoples
    living in that resident of three bedrooms. The weekly garbages from that
    home is horrible sight to see. I took some pictures of my next door
    neighbor dumping their trash onto my side of property. The damages done to
    our property drained a lot out of our saving. And these neighbors are
    responsibled for them. This is one creature that I wish God didn’t created
    it. Not a fan of rats or mice. They are literally a homewrecker. Is there a
    way to train these rats and mices to leave me alone LOL. I left foods so
    that it wouldn’t chews my foods and things. That didn’t worked either. I
    played loud music and all it got me was my neighbors moved out. It wasn’t
    my bad neighbors that moved out. Just the good one.

  15. Melanie Castro
    | Reply

    That is so adorable!

  16. Kiara Müller
    | Reply

    ich habe mal versucht meinen mäusen etwas beizubringen, aber es klappt
    nicht 🙁 

  17. Keira Poole
    | Reply

    I’m not hating but y wud u keep a mouse if its really aggressive 

  18. André Fortin
    | Reply

    aww he died :´(

  19. Plissa Barrett
    | Reply

    funny little mice look like they are moonwalking! now all you need to do is
    put a tiny sparkley glove on one paw! LO!

  20. Windorabug Cartier
    | Reply

    Brosel died the unbelievably smart mouse?

  21. Paula Radig
    | Reply

    Mit was fütterst du sie wenn sie was richtig gemacht haben?

  22. mikuherobrine7624
    | Reply

    Is Grimaldi an African soft furred rat?

  23. David K
    | Reply

    Disgusing…. Yuck!!!! Funny thing is I bought several mouse traps
    yesterday… lol

  24. Creepypastavanellope
    | Reply

    I’m so sorry that Bro:sel died. Your mice are so cute! I wish I had a

  25. drawrawaww
    | Reply

    xomg… I can’t. XD they are too adorable !!!!!!!!!

  26. Danny Levin
    | Reply

    disgusting! are you trying to spread the bubonic plague or something? These
    are vile creatures that spread disease it is very dangerous to handle them
    with you bear hand like that. 

  27. Brook Coffman
    | Reply

    SO cute! My family used to raise mice!

  28. SaelPalani
    | Reply

    RIP Brosel. Beautiful Mouse.!

  29. Creeperfrau
    | Reply

    Mein Beileid
    R.I.P Brösel

  30. James Long
    | Reply

    Not a fan of rat or mice at all. But would sure love it if I can train all
    the mice and rats in my neighborhood to leave. Thanks for sharing. Cool.
    My home are very clean. We cleans the surrounding ground of our home with
    water every single day. 

  31. Windorabug Cartier
    | Reply

    Brosel died the unbelievably smart mouse?

  32. Assaf Lavie
    | Reply

    btw, I have a feeling this is about to go viral. source:

  33. romy5214
    | Reply

    Einfach toll wie du denen das lernst.
    Ich bin traurig, ist Brösel gestorben? :-(

  34. king cast bananna
    | Reply

    rats are bad not mice

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