mouse basketball tutorial

After many requests, here is how I teach my mice to play basketball. This trick is quite difficult, so you and your mice (rats/hamster/gerbils/…) should al…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Raccoon Willie says:

    …can’t u teach him how to dribble?

  2. Adrian Katzenstein says:

    Oh look its LeMice James

  3. LUIGI_O_YEEA says:

    I was thinking of buying a dog, but this is amazing!

  4. wtf that mouse is massive, look how big it is compared to the basket ball

  5. That’s so awesome you sir have allot of patients

  6. Sharewith Lazypeople says:

    Interesting, kind of like how the mainstream media keeps racism alive. Look
    at the mike brown story hmmm, now have you ever heard the name Chris
    Newsome? Interesting…. in-ter-resting

  7. Natálie Jordánová says:

    More tutorials please!!!!

  8. Khue Nguyen says:

    haha, this is just awesome

  9. butlerproman says:

    Dammit! I’m trying to play with the ball, quit shoving food in my face.

  10. The moment you realize that a mouse plays sports better then you can.

  11. Littlebox cat says:

    Is that sound a behavior clicker?

  12. Justin Humenik says:

    the mouse is dunking! this is an amazing video bravo!

  13. Not one for pets but have to say this is kewl XD 

  14. Caleb Walker says:

    Tell me that’s not rat poop all over the place

  15. King of Midgard says:

    But can they learn the true american sport: BASEKETBALL!

  16. Asayaki Suchi says:

    It’s very cute. :3

  17. KittyStyles1 says:


  18. Better than lebron

  19. the alicorn crusader says:

    That was amazing!

  20. Kittycattube Kitty says:

    How sweet is that. Can we kitties play?

  21. BrittLeanne652 says:


  22. Brandon Soto says:

    I have a few mice but they eat my food, poop all over the place, chew on my
    cables, and carry diseases

  23. Amanda Torppey says:

    i love your mouse!

  24. nattylightlight says:

    He’s the Michael Jordan of mice…He can DUNK!!!

  25. Selorm Hammond says:

    Nii Po shut up the holcaust was a sad experience.

  26. Ninjer Blose says:

    Make a vid of mice vs mice in BB

  27. Dragon Steel says:

    I know it’s part of the training but the beginning made me laugh. The mouse
    was like “okay I have the ball…” and you were like “eat food, more food,
    MORE FOOD! ” It was just funny from my point of view. 

  28. Mouse in the House…

  29. Melek Ceferova says:

    Mousel Jordan блин

  30. pepe pepito says:

    this is cannabis seed…

  31. Wow I never see that 1 I just thought all mouse is a pests

  32. Leslie Saldivar says:

    The most amazing thing I have ever seen!

  33. Angel De Jesus Pimentel says:


  34. thats absolutely mind blowing.
    i dont have mice pets but curious, did you buy from a breeder?
    im eventually going to get a mouse but i dont think pet stores are the way
    to go

  35. Jadyn Panovich says:

    awww this is so cute 

  36. Why is there so much hate on on these mice videos.. 

  37. Forest Pepper says:

    I’m guessing the “food & clicker” approach to training would work with a
    fair number of people, as well . . . myself included.

  38. Wellik

  39. Haruka Watagashi says:

    Yay~!! How cute!! I miss our mice…they’re all in heaven now!! :3


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