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I know that there some great vet offices out there and with six (yes six!) animals, I have had my share of visits with more than a dozen of them over the years. When you adopt a pet, you have to keep in mind that problems may arise and many of these “problems” are not cheap! For instance, I have an older cat who was prone to frequent urinary tract infections. Ultimately, we opted for PU surgery (HE is now an IT) and $2,000 late, he STILL has a flare up every now and then. Since we had the surgery, I have changed vets a few times and it seems that with each vet, comes new and more expensive charges that appear out of nowhere. Thus began my search for a mobile vet.

Why I LOVE My Mobile Vet

Obviously, with two dogs and four cats, it is quite difficult to transport these guys without needing some sort of anti-anxiety medicine by the end of the day. On top of figuring out how to get them to an office full of anxious animals, there is usually some sort of “mess” for me to clean up in my car. Throw a newborn baby into the mix and I now had every reason to seek out this fantastic animal angel that comes to your home!

My Experience

A little fed up with paying at least $200 every time I walked through the vet door office, I was a bit skeptical when I called the mobile vet. I also was a tad nervous about having to call and have my records transferred over to our new vet for fear of the “on the spot” questions about why we were going someplace else. Paws At Your Doorstep out of Raleigh, NC made it SUPER easy and I was thrilled with our experience! No, I am not getting a discount for writing this, they just did a great job and have made me a big fan of mobile vets. Not only did my babies feel more comforable at home (no accidents, yay!) the vet tech also told me about a coupon I could use to take a chunk off of my bill. At this point, I was sold. No guilt trips about not having up-to-date vaccinations and no pressure to buy anything extra. Dr. Castro was very gentle with my four-legged kids and even called to check on them the next day.

So if you are thinking about trying a mobile vet, I highly recommend it! I paid around a hundred dollars per animal for EVERYTHING (vaccines, fecal tests, heartworm tests, the works!) It’s undoubtedly worth the money you save and time you save.

Heather Green is a freelance writer, professional model, new mom going green and the resident blogger for, a free informational website offering tips and advice on online nursing colleges.

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  1. hart
    | Reply

    What a good idea! I know it’s like an event on days I have to take our pets to the Vet .. But do Vet’s really go out and make house calls?

  2. Harriet
    | Reply

    The breeder that we bought our kitten from had a mobile vet come to her to vaccinate all the kitties, good for mobile vets!

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