Minipan shows off her guinea pig tricks Minipan is my baby and she is so smart!

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35 Responses

  1. TheLovelyVB
    | Reply

    Oh´╗┐ Minipan you’re so adorable!

  2. Deep kaur
    | Reply

    aww how cute! she is so smart to! i have a guinea pig´╗┐ to that i’m trying to train to do those tricks to!!:D/XD/:p

  3. Eve Bainbridge
    | Reply

    minipan is amazing please can u post some videos up how to make them stand my guinea pig petal just wont do any of that but she can do lots of tricks mine is so´╗┐ adorible thank you xx

  4. Eve Bainbridge
    | Reply

    its cute i bet it´╗┐ could do better than any guineaq pig u can get but my guinea pig is adorible sahe is called petal and she can do lots and lots of tricks

  5. Jennifer Addo
    | Reply

    my guinea pig is too fat and´╗┐ lazy to do all that

  6. Silah Mae
    | Reply


  7. Nate Carson
    | Reply


  8. Nate Carson
    | Reply

    wait i’m better from this vid´╗┐ i have a guinea pig her name is sheila she playz happy wheels

  9. Nate Carson
    | Reply

    so´╗┐ much coca i wish my girlfriend was here

  10. Nate Carson
    | Reply

    lolz it’s da day avter halloween´╗┐ and i is coca drunk

  11. Jenna Grinvalds
    | Reply

    She looks like my piggie!!!!! His name is Patch b/c he has a patch´╗┐ over his eye!!!

  12. Amy Griffiths
    | Reply

    I can learn alot from this as´╗┐ i have just bought my guinea pig, Fudge.

  13. JesusIsTheSavior7777
    | Reply


  14. meggie5461
    | Reply

    cute!´╗┐ ­čÖé

  15. WarrantChen
    | Reply

    She´╗┐ will make good snake food one day.

  16. Kevin S
    | Reply

    that was really cool! but i noticed´╗┐ the video was posted five years ago- i sincerely hope that minipan is still with you.

  17. CoolKitCat123
    | Reply

    AMAZING how did you train
    Her to do that? Super cute´╗┐ BTW!

  18. Gymnast0855
    | Reply

    What an adorable little´╗┐ piggie!!!

  19. Jason Sousa
    | Reply

    awww so cute´╗┐ and

    at 1:00

    Minipan:ahhhhh this is so good let me just sleep zzzzzzzzz -wakes up- HEY WHY YOU WAKE ME UP

    lol not meant to offence if i did i love that guinea pig

  20. owais11384
    | Reply


  21. Marco M.
    | Reply

    That’s a cute´╗┐ ass guineasouruous Rex hahaha

  22. NeoKhalel1
    | Reply

    You don’t have´╗┐ to say that in that attitude!!! >:-(

  23. sonhando2
    | Reply

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Minipan is such´╗┐ a cute and adorable piggie! Your pig looks like Manini my cute guinea pig!

  24. John Jones
    | Reply

    super cute´╗┐

  25. SheldonHowie
    | Reply

    Great´╗┐ tricks!

  26. SheldonHowie
    | Reply

    Super cute guinea pig!

  27. LucyLovettLestrange
    | Reply

    How did you come up with the name´╗┐ Minipan?

  28. Nicky HippyPixy
    | Reply

    Hi everyone,

    If you would like to watch something a bit different, why not check out my channel ?

    I have made a few music videos in´╗┐ HD of snow, mountains, dolphins, wildlife etc that I filmed in Scotland.

    I’m not professional but I promise you won’t be disappointed !

    Thanks, Nicky x

  29. SubzeroKombat
    | Reply

    Great job what a smart little guinea pig! Thank you for living me a nice start´╗┐ into my workday ;0)

  30. lisa82165
    | Reply

    She is sooooo cute´╗┐

  31. stereolife91
    | Reply

    You’ve´╗┐ done a good job! Really cute. ­čÖé

  32. reserved4heaven
    | Reply

    One happy guinea pig´╗┐

  33. 77bieber77
    | Reply

    i would enjoy the´╗┐ video better if the pigs name wasnt minipan

  34. Guineapigluv777
    | Reply

    my guinea pigs can only do the up´╗┐ trick ­čśŤ

  35. Sythe Kenzie
    | Reply

    pig in the mud?…ok.´╗┐

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