Mia Carter Returns to PetLvr!

Mia Carter and Her Dog, Sasha-Simone
Mia Carter and Her Dog, Sasha-Simone

Hello, PetLvr readers! My name is Mia Carter and in the coming months, I’ll be bringing you an array of articles on pet health, pet care, training and lots of other topics!

I’ve contributed to PetLvr in the past. I took a two-year hiatus and during that time, I started a successful coupon blog — The Free Printable Coupon Website. I moved cross-country from Boston to Southwest Florida, where I live with my 6 dogs and 12 cats. Virtually all of my animals have disabilities or special needs, ranging from physical to behavioral. In short, I take in the animals that nobody wants; the animals that would otherwise be euthanized.

Over the past two years, I’ve been very active in the online pet community and beyond. I write pet care articles for a number of print publications and websites.  I even had the opportunity to perform an exclusive interview with The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan!

Jaime, One of Our Neighborhood Strays
Jaime, One of Our Neighborhood Strays

I remain active in pet rescue, rehabilitation and special needs care. I currently care for a colony of feral cats and strays. Unfortunately, pet dumping is extremely common in this region of the country, so most of these animals have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

In addition to feeding my ferals and strays, I’ve started a neighborhood trap-spay/neuter-return program. This has been effective in cutting down on the number of kittens and fights among intact males. I actively work to rehabilitate these ferals and strays through a gradual taming process. I’ve successfully rehabilitated and placed six cats thus far and we’ve adopted four more, including Jaime (pictured).

I also care for a number of chronically ill and disabled animals. My most serious case involves an 11-year-old Miniature Pinscher named Kota. Kota suffers from a progressive Multiple Sclerosis-like condition.  Approximately five years ago, she experienced an autoimmune disorder flare that destroyed her trigeminal nerve — the nerve that controls your jaw, eyelids and other facial muscles — resulting in a condition known as trigeminal neuritis. As a result, Kota cannot control her jaw or eyelids. She must be hand-fed and she receives daily fluid injections to keep her hydrated, as she cannot drink independently. We also use eye ointment to keep her eyes moist, as her eyelids do not work properly.

Kota Suffers from an MS-like Condition
Kota Suffers from an MS-like Condition

About one year ago, Kota experienced another autoimmune “attack” that has affected her hind legs. She now walks with the aid of a wheelchair. She now takes high doses of prednisone on a daily basis and thus far, we have been able to keep her condition well-managed. Despite her physical disabilities, Kota remains spunky, happy and very communicative!

Fortunately, I work from home as a freelance writer, editor and blogger, so this enables me to provide ’round-the-clock care for Kota and my other pets.

Over the years, I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience through caring for and rehabilitating my special needs animals, ferals and strays. I look forward to sharing that knowledge with the PetLvr community!

Do you have an article idea? Is there a pet-related topic that you’d like me to explore? Email me at Mia@PetLvr.com.

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Mia Carter is a professional journalist and animal lover. Her furry family members include 6 dogs and 12 cats. She is also a feral cat colony caretaker. Carter specializes in pet training and special needs pet care. All of her animals have special needs such as paralysis, blindness, deafness and FIV, just to name a few. She also serves as a pet foster parent and she actively rehabilitates and rescues local strays and feral kittens.

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    Oh, such a cute pet as well as the owner. Anyway, I’ll look forward to read more of your post. Some of the girls don’t like animals but you’re different and it made you unique. Keep it up!

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