Meet The New Blogger – Marina Hanes

I am pleased to introduce Marina Hanes to the PetLvr Blog and other “LVR” series of blogs!

In general terms, Marina will be keeping us informed about “current events” … which includes pets in the news, pet agility shows and celebrity pets, and other important pet related topics that are around us and in our faces.

Marina is passionate about environmental issues as well as animal rights, and I think we are all in for a treat. Personally, I’m quite excited to see some deserved coverage of the local pet agility and show scenes around the country and the world with some cool action shot pictures (not to put pressure on Marina or anything heh :D)

I also would like to remind everybody that if you are sponsoring or putting on your own pet related show or event, PLEASE feel free to send the details to us on our Community Event Calendar page. You can just click the EVENTS link at the top of the page on our header navigation. Let us know about your event, and not only will we mention it, perhaps we can give you a nice writeup!

Welcome Marina!

HART aka PetLvr

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