Meet the Akita – Akita Inu

Meet the Akita – Akita Inu

By Evan Richer

The Akita is a large dog weighing between 75 and 120 pounds and up to 28″ in height. Of the Japanese Spitz-type breeds, the Akita is the largest. Pronounced AH-ki-ta in Japan and a-KEE-ta in the western world, the Akita is a powerful, top notch watchdog and protector of his family and territory.

The AKC recognizes Akitas in any color including pinto, white or brindle. Colors are clear and brilliant. All white Akitas do not have a mask whereas other colors tend to have one. The soft, undercoat can be a different color than the outer coat. The harsh, thick outer coat requires regular grooming.

This large, energetic dog is extremely protective of family and territory. For this reason, they might be aggressive to other animal and children that they don’t know if they feel that their territory is being invaded. They do best with older, well behaved children and are not recommended for children who might mistreat or tease them. They should be kept in a fenced in yard and never allowed to roam free. The Akita can be a loving, affectionate dog when properly treated. Early training and socialization is highly recommended for this breed. They require regular exercise and love to be with their family.

The Akita is a native of Japan and dates back to the 1600s to the Island of Honshu. It is the national dog of Japan and highly revered by the Japanese. You can find statues and Akita art throughout the country. Originally used as a military dog, guard dog and hunting dog, the Akita has not lost these watchdog instincts. Helen Keller was the first person in the US to own an Akita.

A breed with such a high instincts to protect and patrol his surroundings makes for an awesome guard dog. Depending on your family dynamics, the Akita may be ideal for your pet companion needs. Those with lots of other pets or small children might want to do more research before bringing and Akita into your home.

Learn more about dogs and dog care at Dear Doggy. You can also visit our Akita page in the dog breeds section of our website for more information.

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