Maxxie and Sophie – Red & Green Eyed Dogs

I work out of my home, with my two dogs and a cat, and they are quite familiar with my work habits and schedule.

For instance: I have three types of work days that my dogs can recognize..

(1) There are days when I’m really on the go. The phone is ringing off the hook, I’m up the stairs, down the stairs, out for meetings with clients, or clients are meeting me here, or I’m out to the bank, or out to the post office or even lunch.

>> What this means for Maxxie and Sophie is …. is he going out? YAAYY!! A Milky Bone! .. If they keep barking while a client is here?? YAAAY!! A Milky Bone! .. If I go out again?? YAAY!! Another Milky Bone!!

(2) There are days that I am quite busy, and thankfully, the phone is not ringing, and I have no deposits to make, or there is no outgoing mail. These are actually my most productive work days, and I get a lot or work done.

>> What this means for Maxxie and Sophie is …. is he getting another cup of coffee?? YAAY!! Maybe he’ll make some toast and give us a piece! is he snacking on some peppers or carrots?? YAAAY!! Maybe he’ll give us some vegetables!! Is he moving in his chair? YAAAY!! Maybe he is going to take another break and play with us and beat us up!!!

(3) There are days that I am super busy, and often on the brink of ‘stressdom’, I’m super busy, the phones can’t stop ringing, I’m probably out of supplies and have to go out to get them, I still have stuff to mail or banking requirements, and everything should have been done yesterday!

>> What this means for Maxxie and Sophie is …. UTOH! Better get out of his way!! He doesn’t like us anymore and doesn’t want to play with us!! We’ll just lie here and wait for you to pay attention to us..

Well that’s what happened last Friday … (3) – I went downstairs for my 3rd cup of coffee for the day and saw the cutest picture. Maxxie was lying on a green pillow, and Sophie was sharing that pillow with him. The were keeping each other company, because I was ignoring them.

I had to stop and go ‘awwwwwwww’, and told them both to wait because I wanted to take a picture of them together like that!

So, I ran to the back room, where my camera has been sitting in its box for weeks now, and ran back to the dogs to take a picture – but – A Dead Battery!! Grrrrr.. Don’t you hate that? Well, fortunately I always keep a spare battery charged in the box, so I went back to get it and put it in the camera so I can take another picture, turned around and .. and do you know what I found? Maxxie and Sophie.

The were both quietly following me, keeping within two feet behind me probably wondering what I was doing .. wondering if
(a) they were going to be involved in my plans
(b) it involved Milky Bones or toast or
(c) I was playing a game with them.

I took a picture anyway .. here it is:

This picture is typical of all my non-professional picture taking of Maxxie and Sophie. For some reason, Maxxie always has RED-EYE and Sophie always has GREEN-EYE.

Isn’t that weird?

Later on in the day, I did find Sophie back on a similar yellow pillow, trying to catch up on her sleep. One day I will have to make a pictorial blog entry of “HART’s Day with Maxxie and Sophie”

Take care.

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