Man honks horn, shoots fireworks, runs chainsaw OPM Opium Horse

Let us teach you how to train your horse to handle all the noises you encouter in day to day life, that most people never do. Keep your horse and yourself from getting hurt, and keep the fun in riding and competing.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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16 Responses

  1. King Yien
    | Reply

    but really the horses is deaf

  2. JediDanD
    | Reply

    Training horses to not react to gun fire?

    How bout, never go horse bike riding in the South or Red States, lol XD

  3. Ambah s
    | Reply

    That's a good horse! 🙂

  4. MusicEvryDay
    | Reply

    @opiumhorse Well you definitely know more about horses more then me 🙂 thanks for the info!

  5. MusicEvryDay
    | Reply

    @opiumhorse Haha, okay to clarify my statement, I mean what happens it there's a forest fire and not a little backfire? I hope the horse runs!
    That's what I meant ^.^

  6. MusicEvryDay
    | Reply

    yeah, but what happens when that backfire turns up in blazes? i hope that horse will be running by then!

  7. Alexander Cochrane
    | Reply

    Be sure to let us know when you release your book.

  8. nutter666f
    | Reply

    why isnt your website working? was going to take a peek

  9. Pancho C
    | Reply

    congratulations to you and you horse then.

  10. Pancho C
    | Reply

    that horse is deaf

  11. Thewildponygirl
    | Reply

    PET your dog!! he gave you happy tail & you ignored him!

  12. Sub_Uber
    | Reply

    hehe how many horses where injured due to opium od?

  13. Holly Burke
    | Reply

    I never thought of that as a test before see I learn something new from you everyday!

    I have done this with horses and I know it's because they trust me but I never thought of it as a measure of how much

    pretty cool

  14. Holly Burke
    | Reply

    I like the way you think OH I subscribed to you!

  15. Holly Burke
    | Reply

    It is just dangerous these days not to have a horse that is desensitized like this!
    I always thought that the key to it all is to have the leadership role with your horse if they trust you,like they do if you do ths type of thing with them then when the unexpected happens they won't respond by fleeing they'll take their cue from the leader (you)

  16. Holly Burke
    | Reply

    this pretty cool ,I have never had a horse that wouldn't spook at something!

    most of them have been pretty solid but there always seems to something that they haven't experienced and of course nobody ever knows what that is until their horse finds it!

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