Make Your Cat Purr With Love and Medicine

Make Your Cat Purr With Love and Medicine

By Roxanna Wehrly

Have you find yourself itching madly in the middle of the night? Does your cat appear tormented from some invisible evil on a regular basis? Hey, I think I may have an idea of what you have. You’ve got fleas!

Advantage cat flea medicine will work on your cat or any pet for up to 30 days. What a lot of people don’t know is that you have to make sure your pet has not been wet for the last 24 hours before applying the medicine. You may want to give them a bath with cat flea medicine shampoo prior to using the Advantage, but just be sure there is a span of 24 hours before applying the Advantage cat flea medicine.

What Advantage does is it kills all the fleas. Within 24 hours it goes into the blood stream of your pet. If a flea was to bite them then it would fall off and die.

The biggest problem with cat flea medicines on the market now is that they only work on the mature fleas and not the unhatched ones laying in dormant. Or the fleas they may be nesting and breeding inside your carpet. It’s always a good idea to use flea powder on your carpet at the same time you apply your flea cat medicine if the problem has gotten out of control.

If you see a flock of fleas on your pet and think that killing them will get rid of the problem, think again. Killing the flees you see is only one part of the problem. Because as new fleas begin to hatch, the larvae settles into cracks in the floor, deep into the carpet and under cushions on your furniture. The larvae that hatches outdoors thrives in sandy soil, under plants and shrubs — anywhere your pet lies down or sleeps.

How well your cat flea medicine will work all depends on if your cat stays inside or is an outside cat. There are many more fleas outside just hiding and waiting for their prey so getting rid of fleas on an outside cat will be a much bigger problem.

I know a friend of mine who flea bombed her houses and still continued to have problems. The reason for this is that the spray doesn’t get under any chairs and most of the time just makes a very big mess.

Most people don’t realizes how big a problem just one flea can make for your pet, not to mention you. Listen up and you’ll agree… the female flea routinely consumes 15 times her body weight in blood every day. This high protein diet enables her to lay around 25 eggs every 24 hours. Some have speculated that in just 30 days, ten adult female fleas on your cat could produce a quarter of a million offspring. That is a lot of miserable scratching and itching!

Brewers Yeast
Another cat flea remedy I have used and would be my second choice is Brewers yeast. You put a small teaspoon of this in their food. For some reason fleas do not like the smell. This seems to work reasonable well. An added bonus is that Brewers yeast will also provide many vitamins and minerals for your cat.

Water and Vinegar
A water and vinegar solution is also something I have heard along the way. You would spray this on your cat. The vinegar in the solution will burn the fleas and they will hop off your pet. The only problem I see with this being that you still have the fleas inside your home and carpet, and not to mention the worst thing being that the cats hate water and will not appreciate being sprayed down. You may need to do this every few days until the problem disappears. Not the best cat flea medicine, however, it is a low-cost solution.

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