Make An Easy Coffee Can Bird House

Make An Easy Coffee Can Bird House

by Gerald Hopkins

When it comes to birds, avid watchers know that you can never have too many bird houses in your yard. Birds appreciate these items during the nesting and migration seasons, which can just about cover the entire year in some areas. So, if you are trying to attract birds to your yard, you should certainly create a place that is inviting and appealing to them. They will reward you with their presence and you can enjoy gazing at some of the most beautiful items nature has to offer. If you are interested in bird houses, you may want to consider making your own. You can create interesting bird houses in no time, using simple household items. Use these tips to create an easy coffee can bird house.

To begin you will need to collect an empty coffee can, super glue, paint, a small wooden peg, fishing line, a permanent marker, and a utility knife. Begin by washing the coffee can with soap and water. Be sure to rinse it well. If there is much residue in the can, birds will not want to stay in it. Dry the can and replace its lid. Next, trace a circle onto one side of the can, near the bottom. This will be the entrance for the birds. The circle will need to be large enough for birds to enter, but not too large. Some birds prefer the entrances to be smaller because it allows them safety from larger preying birds.

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