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I went into my local shelter a couple weeks ago because I found a photo of a black and tan hound mix on their website- the dog looked like the dog I had for 10 years (lost him due to massive hip problems). That morning I picked out the name “Oliver” for my new boy. When I got to the shelter, the hound mix was extremely hyper, and there was no way that I could have him in my home (my mother takes care of the dogs during the day and a hyper dog would easily knock her down).

One of the “roomates” of this hound mix was a beautiful purebred Weimaraner. He was laying down with his front paws crossed just staring at me. I looked at the card on his cage, and the name that the shelter had given him was “Oliver”. It was truly meant to be! I’ve had Oliver for a couple weeks now, and he has been a wonderful (and mellow) dog.

During my visit to the shelter, I saw a beautiful Australian Shepherd puppy, Flat Coated Retriever puppy (both only about 12 weeks old), several adult Labradors, a Shar Pei, Toy Fox Terrier, as well as a few mixed breeds.

A great thing about adopting from a shelter (other than saving a life), is that the dogs are already vaccinated, heartworm tested, spayed/neutered (if not already done they give you a voucher for a free surgery), and microchipped- plus the first vet visit for the “wellness exam” was free. I paid a total of $115 to get Oliver, and that was with the $30 lifetime pet registration for the city.


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