Loch Ness Monster Was an Elephant?

Well, you are probably asking what the “Loch Ness Monster” has anything to do with Pets .. okay .. it doesn’t! But I thought it was an interesting article and picture “in the news” .. while I was browsing National Geographic site // HART

Photo in the News: Loch Ness Monster Was an Elephant?

March 9, 2006—Throwing a bit of cold water onto the legend of Loch Ness, paleontologist and painter Neil Clark says the monster was perhaps a paddling pachyderm.

Clark noticed similarities in the hump-and-trunk silhouettes of swimming Indian elephants and the serpentine shapes of 1930s Nessie descriptions and photographs, such as the famous 1934 image shown as an inset above.

Why would an elephant be swimming in a chilly Scottish lake? “The reason why we see elephants in Loch Ness is that circuses used to go along the road to Inverness and have a little rest at the side of the loch and allow the animals to go and have a little swim around,” Clark told CBS News.

And there’s one more wrinkle in this elephantine mystery. In 1933 a circus promoter in the area—acting perhaps on inside information that the monster was really a big top beast—offered a rich reward for Nessie’s capture, says Clark, a curator at the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow.

Clark’s theory is published in the current edition of the journal of the Open University Geological Society.

Painting by and courtesy Neil Clark, photograph from Getty Images

© 1996-2006 National Geographic Society. All rights reserved.

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5 Responses

  1. carlos
    | Reply

    talves sea un elefante despues de todo nadie ha podido comprobar que sea real o a caso alguien lo ha visto mas claramente?

  2. ashlyn
    | Reply

    i think people who saw it would notice it being a elephant how dumb do u think we are

  3. John Smith
    | Reply

    Yes, I forgot elephants were native to Scotland. How foolish of me!

  4. ben
    | Reply

    you guys a freaking stupid do YOU know how cold loch ness is!?!?!
    and elephant would not be swimming there its WAY!!!!! too cold way way way to cold and super deep an elephant would not go in freezing water (MUCH MORE THEN FREEZING WATER) so think! next time. And an elephant would not survive its MILES upon MILES deep that lake

  5. jane
    | Reply

    I agree with ben….. nuff’ said.

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