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I have added a “LIVE” Torino 2006 Medal Tracker in the sidebar of this blog … The medal count will automatically be updated throughout the 2006 Winter Olympics! If you don’t believe me, you can double check the statistics at the official site

The script comes compliments of Matt Maier from Maier and Zinc Photography

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Thanks Matt!

By the way .. are you following the Torino 2006 Olympics? You can check out these fine websites …

Official Torino 2006 Site –

CBC Olympics Site –

NBC Olympics Site –

TSN Olympics Site –

I’m also blogging about the Olympics on these sites …

Curling Blog –

Curling Blog’s Team Gushue –

Curling Blog’s Team Kleibrink –

Light The Torch –

The curling blogs are my own sport blogs, part of the HART-Empire Network. I am trying to cover mostly the curling side of the Olympics … (yes it is a sport!) .. plus following news about Team Canada’s Curling skips Brad Gushue and team, and Shannon Kleibrink and team. If you want to leave a personal message for our Team Canada Curling Teams, I have set-up a guestbook-type comment area on the individual blogs (click above links)

Light The Torch blog is a b5media initiative … I’m mostly covering the curling action, but as a Canadian .. I am trying to provide as much support to our Canadian Olympic Athletes and promote our Canadians over there in Torino 2006! So, I have been posting my 2 cents here and there 🙂

According to their blog, b5media plans to donate all proceeds generated from the blog (which is currently monetized by adsense) .. to Athletic Organizations … a worthy cause (Hopefully some Canadian athlete organizations will get some too) – check them out!

Just a few short updates on our Olympics blog, Light the Torch:

1. We’ve decided to give all ad income from this blog to athletic organizations, to support the athletes. We’re hoping to generate 5000$ in donations for them over the course of the games.
2. We are opening the site up as a true community endeavor.
3. We have invited a variety of other networks to participate as well.

So if you want to write about the games, please feel free to register at the site and we’ll get you all setup. Don’t forget to put in your country (”Extended Profile” under “Users”) and a link to your site (as it will go in every post you write).

Go Canada Go!

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  1. HART
    | Reply

    I should note that when I say “LIVE” .. I actually mean that I just include the script and HART doesn’t have to manually update it 🙂 It gets automatically updated whenever updates are made. Someone’s has to do that! It’s just not me.

    I am manually updating my own scripts on regarding the latest curling results

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