Littlest Pet Shop: LPSlover 4000 Subscribers BLOOPERS

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Here are some of the blooper clips that occurred during the filming of the 4000 subs video. I hope you like it! Please share which blooper was your favorite in the comments below! 😀 All music by Kevin Macleod. license terms: © Copyright LPSlover 2011

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. StarTheWolfPuppy
    | Reply


    love that part!!

  2. StarTheWolfPuppy
    | Reply

    @MegaPieTime you’re NEVER to mature to believe in magical ponies!!!

  3. BooniePig1
    | Reply

    love it the rat things are so funny

  4. KittyProductions800
    | Reply

    Did that gray cat say it help her or his balls!?!?

  5. Karineb21
    | Reply

    My favorite blooper was the one where the cat poked the rat and the other one was all,AAHHHAAAHHHH!!Thumbs up if you agree!!!!

  6. MegaDenice123
    | Reply

    The best and funny thing that i HAVE EVER SEEN because I LAUGHED THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME AND I COULDN’T STOP UNTIL IT WAS MAY 2nd AND TODAY IS MAY 1st AND I STARED IT AT 5:00pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    | Reply

    mine favrite boopler was all the rats lol

  8. Bluewolf242fly
    | Reply

    WAIT! why is Sparky pretending to be magical pony if he looks like 1! RIGHT!

  9. poodleLPS132
    | Reply

    Hahahahahahahahah Funny!

  10. BrooklynLPS
    | Reply

    Where do you film?

  11. TheLPScupcake
    | Reply

    ROTFL!!!!! My favorite blooper was the soy pizza. LOL!!!!!! =D

  12. gabbylinnuhber2000
    | Reply

    dount pouk the rats was my favret

  13. MidgetDogg627
    | Reply

    “MORE PLEASE! Just kidding cuz it tastes like CRAP!”

  14. LPSlover52
    | Reply

    where did u get the monkey at 7:20?

  15. LPSfantacy
    | Reply

    5:04 LOL

  16. fablps
    | Reply

    omg so funny

  17. lpscoolgirls2011
    | Reply

    LOL XD XD XD XD AT 1:58

  18. TheFluffy2008
    | Reply

    LOL!!!!! love your video!!!!

  19. TheFluffy2008
    | Reply

    where did you get the bird at 5:00 plz write back

  20. roxyrocksandcute5
    | Reply

    how did you make cassandra fly?

  21. 2verycoolpeople
    | Reply

    orson; … EPIC… FAIL.

  22. miley0805
    | Reply

    im loved this vid

  23. fablps
    | Reply

    my fav parts ”CUT! GET THE KID OF THE PIZZA”

  24. DawnDJ75
    | Reply


  25. TheRealChloePawliee
    | Reply

    @DawnDJ75 then dont watch this Magical Unicorn’s video! >:(

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