Litter Training Tips For Rabbits | RosieBunneh

Hi everyone!
This video has been very highly requested recently so I’ve gathered together some tips and advice on how you can prepare and train your rabbit to properly use a litter tray. Patience is key to litter training, some rabbits will pick up the aim of the process quicker than others.

Litters to avoid using:
-Clumping Litters
-Pine and Cedar Shavings
-Corn Cob Litters
-Clay Litters


If anyone has further questions don’t hesitate to ask below!







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  1. Abbie Hodgson says:

    Do I need to get my bunnies spayed?? Please answer I'm a new owner!!

  2. The_Donut_ Kat says:

    my rabbit ignores her litter box in her cage but goes to the cat litter whenever she's roaming -_- its so annoying

  3. Love, Andrea says:

    What happens if your bunny isn't sprayed? Sorry I'm new to this

  4. Love, Andrea says:

    🐰can you use paper or do you have to use litter for your litter box?Please reply.Thanks🐰

  5. Danielle Dewindt says:

    I just got my bunny and I'm trying to litter train him but I get so worried cause he tries to eat the litter . Is there a kind that is not harmful if he tries to eat it ?? Please need help

  6. Puppy Rutherford says:

    Do you think you could use the bedding that guinea pigs use if it did clump could we just change it

  7. ოჄRႩ ოპოპႽ says:

    My rabbits will always pee in their litter box, but they poop A LOT but never in it, and because of the way they do it, it almost seems like they can't feel it or something :/

  8. Valentina Bamaca says:

    Where can you get the Tri litter

  9. Samantha Cochrane says:

    Can you still litter train them if they are in a indoor cage

  10. AngelinaPotatoes says:

    Omg your rabbit looks just like mine

  11. Winnie Bunnie says:

    What litter do you reccomend the most? Xx

  12. TheCuties x says:

    Im Sorry but what is YOUR name I'm a new subscriber but its ok if you don't want to sure that. Besides, your channel is an amazing thing that happened on youtube. Im getting a rabbit on the 23rd of jan and your tips really help + Rosie was a good demonstrated in this video!

  13. 아슐리 / Ashley says:

    do I have to use cat litter? or can I use bedding

  14. i want to ask if baby bunnies can eat treats

  15. My 10wk rabbit poos in his litter tray and in his cage. Tips?

  16. Watch my video.

  17. the penny and kelly show says:

    what litter should I use pleas reply new owner

  18. Nat Salazar says:

    My bunny knows to pee in his litter box but he poops in it a little but poops more on the floor what do I do?? PLEASE HELP

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