Litter Qwitter Update 1 – How to Toilet Train Your Cat Linus Cat Tips

Well we’ve taken the first BIG step. Up until now it was little stuff. Moving the litter box to the bathroom, taking away one of our two litter boxes. We hav…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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29 Responses

  1. Francis MacDonald
    | Reply


  2. Razear
    | Reply

    Your cat has their own dedicated toilet?!

  3. Poizon2K8
    | Reply

    Oh come one… cats are smarter than this lol. The first stage gets them
    used to sitting/standing on the actual toilet, by the time you’re ready to
    remove the first stage for the 2nd, they will be used to standing over it.
    Just look at some of the suggested videos on the right hand side… lots of
    cats can do this 😀

  4. ThePR0Lemur
    | Reply

    i know all about cat pee, it’s the worst 🙁

  5. Kilobits
    | Reply

    ive always wondered about doing this, it would be awesome when you finally

  6. onethreethreeseven
    | Reply

    watch the previous video on this

  7. halo3sn1p3r
    | Reply

    both work for me..

  8. octagoncow
    | Reply

    Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m curious to see if this actually works.

  9. DJ Ra1n
    | Reply


  10. Electro_Leet
    | Reply

    Even the cats are polite in Canada.

  11. Jason Tirtabudi
    | Reply


  12. Lizzi Seeber
    | Reply

    I agree cat pee is the worst the smell is terrible and it’s difficult to
    clean if not caught right away. I wish you luck and hope it works for your
    kitties! Rocket and Rumble and smart cats!

  13. atom608
    | Reply

    LOL if linus came back and there was shit ON THE TOILET Seat

  14. MeanT241985
    | Reply

    My right ear is throwing a fit

  15. English-RC
    | Reply

    Hows it going ide like to do this too. Ours was 11wks on weds is that too
    young cat pee is really nasty and this would be amazing.

  16. 123chorry
    | Reply

    Nice toilet

  17. Lizzi Seeber
    | Reply

    I meant Rocket and Rumble ‘are’ smart cats.

  18. rayman31100
    | Reply

    Good luck. Also i could only hear this with my left ear. Strange.

  19. 123chorry
    | Reply


  20. MonsterApology
    | Reply

    does it teach them how to flush?

  21. Carl Johnson
    | Reply

    my cat has never pee’d on anything except her box and nature

  22. Ben J
    | Reply

    like that if u want a live Webcam-stream on that toilet !

  23. Brynyc125
    | Reply

    You know cat feces have parasites called toxoplasmosis that cannot be
    destroyed by sewage treatment so they infect marine mammals so flushing cat
    feces is bad

  24. Giggity Goebbels
    | Reply

    Why are there traces of litter on the white stage?

  25. DaR3dSheep
    | Reply

    Left ear 😀 Right ear 🙁

  26. Johannes Eckhoff
    | Reply

    What happens if the cat falls into the toilet, which seems like a potential
    risk in the coming stages. He won’t be able to get out 🙁

  27. Tyler Newlin
    | Reply

    I would have made new rugs out of the cats!

  28. unacomn
    | Reply

    450 dollars in rugs? … .. I… you must really love your cats.

  29. coolcow0468
    | Reply

    im the only one here

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