litter box training your rat

short vid of how i am training my rats to use the liter box. I am really tired in this one so sorry for the ho hum attitude lmao i had to get up early and i …

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33 Responses

  1. Edward Brown
    | Reply

    my little boys – rats are useless 🙁
    tried so many times to keep a litter in the box, they just ignore it!

  2. RobbiLee100
    | Reply

    Thanks so much, this video helped me with my two little girls. They now are litter boxed trained, thanks again!!!!!

  3. AnimalEmancipation
    | Reply

    i never used treats, just put the poodles and urine spots in the litter box and they learn very quickly to use it. same with rabbits or other small animals.

  4. lifelongcannible
    | Reply

    oh nvm i see now you said sheets

  5. lifelongcannible
    | Reply

    is that beach sand? looks like good bedding!

  6. kigankei
    | Reply

    really helpful thank you! I still can’t pick their poo up with my fingers though 😛

  7. fandjshow1
    | Reply

    Your video was so helpful thanks

  8. Alissa Kincaid
    | Reply

    Where did you get your Awesome cage?

  9. YaTaSay
    | Reply

    wow NOW THIS is something I didnt know.. thanks for the education…I am learning before jumping into getting one… ive wanted one for awhile but new territory for us…Cute family

  10. Briana Hughes
    | Reply


  11. Labelmehayley
    | Reply

    omg thank you so much for this. Had no idea you could train them to use a litterbox. Now i can save my money and stop buying so much bedding since they stink up so fast. Now i can just scoop their litterbox! thank you!

  12. xEshex
    | Reply

    There’s lots of information online about doing this as well as videos (although maybe not by this person directly.) Good luck with your ratties.

  13. Lesti Palmer
    | Reply

    I want to get my rattie a buddy, but my mom says one rat is enough (which it is obviously not!)…My rat’s name is Stitch. He’s a gray with a white blaze down his face. He also has a white belly, and gray tail with a pink tip on the end. How can I potty-train him? He also will not go on his wheel. He isn’t food-motivated, so I don’t know how to get him to learn his name or do other tricks/actions. What healthy treats do you think would motivate him? Please give advice and recommend videos!

  14. eyelashed viper
    | Reply

    can you put a vid up on how to tame them bcs for christmas i want to get two pet rats and i want to be able to train train them

  15. Emma Rasmussen
    | Reply

    Try separating it from the other rats and keep it in a smaller cage with a smaller litter box.Try to give it treats when it poops in the box.
    If the rat is shy about going to the bathroom in front of the others then train it for a week then train it in front of the others.Reward him/her every time it uses the potty!

  16. Emma Rasmussen
    | Reply

    Just keep a paper towel under the food so when they spill it you can throw out the tissue and the place is easily cleaned.

  17. Raoran1
    | Reply

    How do you keep their food clean so they don’t mess it up? Help. D:

  18. ImADreamerful
    | Reply

    I have a big question for you, or all rats owner ! 🙂
    My rats are litter trained for one year !(yeahhh) BUT one ( the lastest in the family) decided to not use the litter anymore and pees and poo on the first floor (-,- yup) while the litter is at the bottom of the cage.I have a mesh cage but I cover the middle floor with blankets for their foot. I dont know what to do D: And I’m tired because it smell bad after a complete day of… pee-poo-mess

  19. james jackson
    | Reply

    well then.. there’s something YOU need to realize hmm..

  20. Pllm30
    | Reply

    I owned hamsters, and used kitty litter. They always, always went to the kitty litter to poop. As a matter of fact, they loved to sit in the box to cool off when it got hot. I think you’re using the wrong litter too. It has to be that really finely ground litter, preferably scent-less.

  21. mywingsareyours
    | Reply

    lol yes they do. my rats never even pee outside of their cage.

  22. xoHamsterCare101xo
    | Reply

    sorry but your wrong……

  23. supergirl601100
    | Reply

    I saw a brown fuzzy rat at a small family owned pet shop for 5 dollars. A week before there were 6 in the cage. Now there’s only him. I know he’s the pet I want. Every time I get crickets for my frog, I check him out. He’s still there now. How can I convince my parents he isn’t disgusting?

  24. bunnyhelp101
    | Reply

    @jihadjared Thnx ;D

  25. bunnyhelp101
    | Reply

    @JeslynMocha plz read my comment, i just posted it. Hope u regret the hate 😉

  26. bunnyhelp101
    | Reply

    LISTEN B4 U REPLY!: rats are smart, never said they werent. My sister, who is very smart, told me that rats cannot be litter trained. I (stupidley) decided to share this untrue information, on this poor womans video. Sorry if I caused any serious wirld disasters by saying rats cannot be litter trained. My rat is partially litter trained now. Thnx for the ‘help’ ;D

  27. bunnyhelp101
    | Reply

    @etanna Never said they werent, my sister told me otherwise, & so i belived her and decided to share. Uhm…thnx ;D

  28. zach stevenson
    | Reply

    yes rats can be litter box trained i know this because my ratties are and a belive that rats are far more intellingent than your BUNNIES

  29. WiseBerries
    | Reply


  30. Corazon Flores
    | Reply

    Yay, I could never figure out why my boys couldn’t be trained but now I just know i’ve been doing it wrong. Thanks:)

  31. owlet
    | Reply

    I think the video shows that they can. Even the smallest bit of research into rats as pets will prove you wrong. But you have rats, so you should know this.
    Yes, rats are incontinent, but they know it’s coming, hence they usually go in one place. which is how the litter training works.

  32. GamePlayUK
    | Reply

    rats are smarters than dogs… why do you think rats are used in lab experiments and not dogs?

  33. Adorablekitty4able
    | Reply

    now u tell me i put my rats and my nouse its their knew cage -.- for a two days but maybe i can try

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