Leave Your Cat in Safe Hands While You are Away

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You love your cat and only want the best of care for him or her while you are away. However, you may have trouble convincing your cat of your love and concern. Cats are opposed to change even if the cattery in South London you are taking Tiddles to is the highly recommended cat hotel in the City. Here are some tips on how to get your cat ready for a cattery stay.

Get Medication Up To Date

Your cat will be going into an area where many cats converge. Fleas, ticks and other parasites can sneak into even the best of catteries. It’s best not to take chances of your cat accidentally becoming a Flea Taxi and bringing home tiny passengers. Make sure your cat’s flea and tick prevention medication, whether taken in pill or topical form, is up-to-date.

Your cat hotel may have a policy where you need a certificate of health for your cat. If your cat is on medications, bring the medications with your cat to the cat hotel. If your cat is on injectable medications, ask the cat hotel what their policy is. Some catteries do not give injectable medications. You need to know this before it’s time to go to the airport.


Get Favourite Food, Toys and Blankets Ready

Staying in a cat hotel is a big change. There are many different sounds, smells and sights. Your cat will be stressed. To make the stay less stressful for your cat, pack your moggie’s favourite treats and food well in advance of his or her stay in the cat hotel. The familiar food will be a comfort. Write instructions for the staff on how much food to give your cat and when. Make copies to give to the staff and tape to the food. Pack enough food for three days after your expected date to come home, just in case.

Also bring your cat’s favourite toy, blanket or cushion to reassure the cat that not everything has changed. Do not bring anything with catnip, no matter how much your cat loves catnip. Catnip makes even the most sedate cat unpredictable when taken out of their familiar surroundings.


Getting Your Cat Used to a Carrier

As soon as you can, introduce the carrier to your cat. Leave the carrier on the floor or where the cat can check it out. Leave a treat inside the carrier and leave the door open. This way your cat can deal with the carrier in his or her own sweet time. Cats prefer warm flooring, so a comfy towel can help make the carrier more attractive. After a few days, place your cat in the carrier tail-first. Close the door. Carry the carrier to another room. Release the cat and offer a treat.

Next step is to place the cat in the carrier and then place the carrier in your car. Sit with your cat for a few minutes, then bring the cat back in your home and release. If you have time, give your cat a short car ride while he or she is in the carrier. Never let your cat loose in your car. That’s just asking for a massive accident.


There are many things cat owners can do to make their pets’ experience at a cat hotel as stress-free as possible. Make sure your cat’s medication is up to date, pack for three days longer than you expect to be away and get your cat used to the idea of going in and out of the cat carrier before you leave it in the safe custody of Upper Ruxley Cattery, a renowned cattery in South London.

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