Leash Training a Puppy: How to Leash Train a Puppy or Dog

http://bit.ly/jf4klr – More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy!

Leash Training a Puppy: How to Leash Train a Puppy or Dog

Leash training a puppy is an important step in establishing your role as owner and caretaker. Kathy Santo, professional dog trainer, discusses the theory, equipment and process of leash training so that your dog is always happily looking to you for direction!

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25 Responses

  1. Andro Gaming
    | Reply

    My Doberman puppy is biting the leash what to do ? Please reply

  2. Shane B.
    | Reply

    When We go outside and we go in a different Place he already wants to go in our house-_-

  3. Herbert Moore
    | Reply

    When some puppies wear a lease, they may growl or wine if it is uncomfortable. You can resolve this problem by letting a puppy test and wear a collar gradually. This blog post has helpful information. http://practicalpuppytrainingbook.com/index.php/2018/12/20/how-to-train-a-puppy-in-a-practical-way/

  4. Ashley Plays
    | Reply

    I can't walk my dog anymore…..because he died yesterday…… He died on his birthday….I miss him… His first walk at my new apartment was his last walk….. A big dog killed him at a doggy park at my apartments. I miss him so. Much😭

  5. gamergirl209
    | Reply

    My old puppy learned to stop pulling so quickly with turning quickly but my sisters new puppy just does not understand. It gets to the point where there is no point continuing to train because she just doesn't get it.

  6. Sly Foxx Sr.
    | Reply

    I have a limbless dog so I have to take him for a drag instead of a walk. 😔

  7. Appreciated Cutie
    | Reply

    My dog tries to pull and go ahead

  8. Legit Llama
    | Reply

    He is scared of the leash, and any type of rope or string….

  9. Emma Chapman
    | Reply

    Don’t use a harness. They teach a dog to pull.

  10. Jose Geld Geld
    | Reply

    I love puppies they so tasty

  11. Yusra Khan
    | Reply

    What is breed of dog in 2:13 part?

  12. Ayushi Lenka
    | Reply

    Plzzzz give the best link to things one should have before bringing a new puppy home
    (Please include everything including best puppy food, best toys everything u think one should have who is getting a puppy)

  13. Pablo Medrano
    | Reply

    I have a Shiba Inu puppy and she cries when she can’t do what she wants . Any Help?

  14. Husmen Sen
    | Reply

    Hi Kathy, thank you for sharing this great content with us. I have been looking for useful content to train my dog for a long time. Finally, i have found one. Could you please create a review video about it? Here is the link: http://bit.ly/2KFMWg4

    Thanks a lot.

  15. Mia Sabatino
    | Reply

    the easiest way to get a puppy used to the feeling of a collar when they won't move with it on is to put the collar on them when they get comfy and fall asleep, but make sure to keep your puppy near you so he/she doesn't harm themselves.

    I did this with my 5 month old German Shorthaired Pointer who would not move if you put his collar or leash on. And now he doesnt even act like he has one on.

  16. Johnny Lariat
    | Reply

    I love the word puppy or puppies or better yet… Little baby puppy.

  17. Akira98Umbreon
    | Reply

    My puppy wont follow me at all, she wont come to treats, and I am training her the command "come" but she is a stubborn girl

  18. Basically
    | Reply

    these people are clueless, a small dog should always be in harness or they’ll break their necks

  19. Octavio Del Mazo Alvarado
    | Reply

    Excellent content. Very nice video

  20. Jamie Lynn
    | Reply


  21. Nazima Pathan
    | Reply

    can I put collar to my 1 month old lab cross puppy

  22. MrKosta13593
    | Reply

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover puppy training videos try Panlarko Perfect Canine Planner (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got great results with it.

  23. James Klette
    | Reply

    Holy camel toe

  24. Trash Can
    | Reply

    Don't use flecses! The dog will get used to the small pressure while walking so he will learn to push while walking in a leash.

  25. Monsterbaby
    | Reply

    It would be better to actually show yourselves actually doing it instead of talking about it and it's better to teach your puppy these commands individually instead of trying to incorporate them all on a walk. All your going to do is confuse the puppy and make the puppy never want to go on a walk again.

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