Leash Pulling Training: How To Train ANY Dog to STOP Pulling Without Being Harsh!

Train any dog to stop pulling on leash! Thank you Pupford for sponsoring this video. CLICK HERE TO GET PUPFORD’S AWESOME FREEZE DRIED TRAINING TREATS: https://pfrd.site/besttreats

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Good news! Oryan has been adopted since we filmed this video! But there are lots of fantastic dogs available at every shelter in America!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

20 Responses

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
    | Reply

    I’m making a big announcement on instagram tomorrow! If you want spoilers, go follow me there: http://instagram.com/zakgeorge

  2. Jade Woo
    | Reply

    1:34 he should be named Mario 😂

  3. maganti bhanumurthy
    | Reply

    Hi zak can u tell a best treat in India for my Labrador puppy (Ruby) to train…

  4. denise mills
    | Reply

    Love the shelter dog training as well! We got our shelter dog 2 months ago, and appreciate these videos!

  5. kp ps
    | Reply

    Im going to start watching more of these. Unfortunately my dog is not a shelter dog..he came from an abusive home so he still after almost two years has issues..like pulling jumping barking..and he dose not like other dogs. Its been so bad thst ive had ppl say they will call the law on me when all Im trying to do is inforce positive commands to him.. And i do carry treats with me too.. Im trying some of these tricks next time..

  6. Cottonie Hime
    | Reply

    3:00 “what is happening?!” I felt that too 🤯

  7. Laura Rodrigue
    | Reply

    I adopted my Reilly girl from the shelter and she is so smart and easy to train!!! She really saved me and we have bonded so much she exhibits my personality traits❤️ my husband makes jokes and says she was definitely meant to be my baby!

  8. Debra Lish
    | Reply

    Getting a shelter dog is the best way to show training! We need to stop all the breeding for profit! I adopted a Havanese with serious anxiety in the car. We are still working with him but I wouldn’t give up on him no matter how long it takes!

  9. chandra kehet
    | Reply

    Amazing trainer 😍😍😍

  10. Krystopher Lee
    | Reply

    Zak I'd love to see more videos like this!

  11. Steven G
    | Reply

    Shelter dogs are the best dogs, they seem to appreciate.

  12. Smokey Rabbits
    | Reply

    I don’t think my dog cares what treat she eats lol 😂

  13. thatoneguy youmightknow
    | Reply

    My doggo is part hound, his snoot makes him blind and deaf, leash training has been tough. We also had a run in with an individual who was extremely scared of dogs, they way he reacted and how I responded on the spot seems to have instilled an aggressive/anxious reaction in my doggo when crossing paths with others, so i have to hold him back as I've recently discovered, which only exacerbates the issue. I've tried happy distractions to pry his attention away and reframe his mindset for when he sees others, but nothing prys his attention away. So now public walks are out of the question until I can reintroduce him to propper social behavior. God forbid he bites someone because he feels threatened… get sued or maybe worse, have to put him down…

  14. Chantal name
    | Reply

    My three month old lab, leash pulls, jumps on people, sits or lays down refusing to move and grabs and chews everything off the ground. This is all in less than a block. Any suggestions?

  15. Random couch potato
    | Reply

    I can't this my dog is to short

  16. minizzl quizzl
    | Reply

    what do you think about „ its me or the dog“

  17. Mark Wagner
    | Reply

    We just adopted a 10 month old large puppy that acts pretty much like Ryan did
    We are working with him following your videos
    We are making small progress as we really don’t know what we are doing except to mimic your actions

  18. Oop
    | Reply

    I love people who devote their time to making these videos as a job.. it helps save a lot more dogs from going into shelters.

  19. Bobandjeri Shaffer
    | Reply

    Great Ad for shelter dogs .. vol with Humane Society 12 hrs/wk. Got new ideas here thanks.

  20. Pocket Bully Lifestyle
    | Reply

    Tried this on gary the local whino. He’s still homeless but wow he’s awesome on the leash.

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