Last Chance For Entrecard Advertising Here On PetLvr Blog

I first placed the Entrecard script on this blog and my 1-800-HART Blog back in January 2008. As I mentioned back in August 2008 .. I have been trying to keep EC-costs down by not pushing the promotion on my end, and this directly allows other EC users to advertise on my sites relatively cheap in EC-credits. I must say, I have noticed every one of you who has been taking advantage of this, and I appreciate your regular and continued support and sponsorship here!

However, tomorrow, November 1, 2008, I will stop accepting purchases for daily slots and deny all purchases. Purchases made today will be honoured and accepted in the queue (I believe that is good for 10 days) where at the end of the period, I will be removing the code. To advertise, click on the “E” on the widget in the footer below. I just don’t see any benefit for myself keeping the code on my sites and made the decision to move forth without the widgets in my footer.

Get it while you can! I think it’s like 8 or 16 EC credits or something like that. After that .. it will be gone forever.

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