Kitty Tricks!

Kitty Tricks!

By Kim-Marie Ward

Cats don’t do tricks, right? At least, that’s the reputation they’ve garnered, but it isn’t true. Cats can and are trained. Most animals in movies and commercials have been trained, and that includes the feline stars in your favorite cat food commercials. They can come when called, sit, stay and do all the same things dogs are trained to do, but the way you go about it is a little different.

Dogs are best trained with treats and lots of praise. Cats are trained with treats, some praise (though not the same gushing praise you’d give a dog) and the best way of all is to make the “trick” a natural part of the cat’s typical day. The last is the most effective. I’ve also found that older kittens are easier to train than young kittens, and even old cats can learn new tricks rather quickly.

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