Kid shows funny animals :D

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Kid shows her funny pet animals. This is a web show for family and children started by our 7-year-old daughter. Our daughter likes watching iCarly (a Nickelodeon TV program) about kids making a web show. She likes it so much that she wanted to create her own web show, “The iCat Show”. Blog at Facebook Actor’s resume

What do you think?

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18 Responses

  1. Ricky505
    | Reply

    thank you soo much my 2 yr old boy loved it especially the yadadadada parts =0)

  2. Inevae
    | Reply

    Snail eating french fry lol.

  3. Darwin3024
    | Reply

    that was cool

  4. Hendrikdevuile
    | Reply

    “Sorry.Miss, my pet snail crapped on my homework (assignment)” would make a refreshing change from the usual excuse of the dog or the baby brother eating it..

  5. mommarox2
    | Reply

    this is totally fantastic, my dear you are very talented and know how to
    entertain adults and children alike.
    excellent show hun
    endless starz and fav’d

  6. pinkypie101ful
    | Reply

    Ur snails r fast!!!!

  7. MrsDaee666
    | Reply

    @pinkypie101ful xD i’d say it was fast motion 😀

  8. MrsDaee666
    | Reply

    omg thats awesome! u want to make a real show? 😀 thats such a good idea^^ im gonna tell my frnds 😉

  9. emma123456885
    | Reply


  10. ItsCortneyFool
    | Reply

    This is great. My new favorite video 🙂

  11. DRoostero
    | Reply

    Hahahaha I would be mad for it eating my homework D:!!!

  12. comandermalander456
    | Reply

    Teacher: Where’s your homework?

    Me: My snail ate it!

  13. film495
    | Reply

    snail time lapse – nice

  14. MrGamer507
    | Reply

    ye we seen the snails but the question is does it blend?

  15. MyWeichen
    | Reply

    awesome where can you get the one that can eat homeworks

  16. chocokissablexo
    | Reply

    @MyWeichen snails will eat anything tht contains plant fiber, which includes paper. 🙂

  17. MsJoWatch
    | Reply


  18. Kate
    | Reply

    Those snails really put up a good show. Thank you for sharing it. My daughter saw it and she is so amazed and laughing to the max. You know what, right now she is in the rabbit hutch. She took my iphone and waiting for her rabbits to put up a show to. Ha! Ha!

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