Kennel Club Wants Ban on Electric Dog Collars

sammythedogEnding the use of electric dog collars in Wales is of utmost concern to the Kennel Club. Although manufacturers are confused by this change of perspective, the Animal Welfare Act may tip the scale. However, Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones still needs to consider both sides before making a decision. When training your dog to behave properly, it’s important to have an effective collar, but there are other options you can use instead of an electric one.

The selection of dog collars is endless, and choosing the right one can give you more control over your dog without potentially inflicting pain and fear. Some collars simply fit around the dog’s neck, while others are more like harnesses or halters. Halter-type collars can give you more control over your dog, because these go around the animal’s front legs, neck and shoulder. So if your dog pulls quite a bit when you walk, this can be an effective alternative.

In addition to the style, the type of material that the collar is made from can make a difference too. Many collars are made from nylon, which is a rough manmade material that can cause neck irritations and fur loss. Collars made from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp or bamboo can be more comfortable and form fitting. Hemp dog collars even come in colorful patterns, and some brands are free of pesticides and herbicides, which are perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. If you’re interested in eco-friendly products, there are also organic dog collars available.

If you’re frustrated with your dog’s  behavior, try a different style of collar before committing to electric collar training. While electric collars may be easy and reliable, positive training may be a more rewarding and bonding experience for you and your pet, but you won’t know until you give it a try.

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6 Responses

  1. Marina Hanes
    | Reply

    Comment on electric dog collar training:

  2. Thad Taylor
    | Reply Kennel Club Wants Ban on Electric Dog Collars

  3. tracy
    | Reply

    thank you for sharing the artical but personally I don’t quite like the idea of the electric collar for the dogs…doggies just like the kids…they have feeling for everything and there are tons of different way to train the dogs if they don’t behalf themselves…

  4. collars
    | Reply

    yup! banned it. n_n I’m not quite sure if that e-collar is a healthy and friendly thing for a dog.

  5. hubin
    | Reply

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