Keeping Your Cat Fit & Healthy : How to Walk a Cat on a Leash

Learn to walk safely and properly with your cat on a leash in this free video. Expert: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan started her life-long…

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34 Responses

  1. 413MB
    | Reply

    This ain’t Happening lady Lmao

  2. LdyWolf
    | Reply

    @LdyWolf After she’s had all of her shots, you can begin with the wide open
    area training method that I mentioned already. Have patience and give lots
    of reassurance. She’ll be walking YOU in no time at all;0)

  3. beutfulimagofgod
    | Reply

    I don’t know why people would think it was stupid either, it’s a great idea
    if you don’t want your cat getting outside by him/her self. My roommate has
    two cats and because they are free roaming we can’t bathe them and we can’t
    keep them flea free. My cat isn’t allowed outside except on my shoulders or
    on a leash. I like that he’s not getting into fights. My roommates cat got
    into a fight in the yard and got a giant abscess on her face which turned
    into a huge open wound. I say harness FTW.

  4. Vire70
    | Reply

    @YusukeIZmine Cats do whatever they please. It is often joked that Humans
    dont own Cats, but on the contrary. Cats are actually very self-sufficient
    generally; you don’t need to bathe them, you don’t need to brush them
    generally (I own two half-Persians and have never needed to), basically
    just feed them, make sure they’ve got water and clean their litter (if
    they’re indoors), and make sure they don’t get sick.

  5. Faiiliien
    | Reply

    @LdyWolf At least my idea of productivity isn’t teaching a cat to walk and
    building needless crap for it so I can feel safe as I’m so insecure that
    I’m afraid my only companion is going to leave me if i take my eyes off it.
    I feel sorry for you, I really do. You clearly crave companionship but can
    only find it in animals, you’re the one who needs to get a life. You don’t
    have one, and you’re denying your cat one. Stop giving bad advice to good
    people, keep your rubbish to yourself.

  6. nikigurl08
    | Reply

    There is nothing wrong with walking a cat! This is new, and therefore ppl
    are quick to critize, because it out of the norm. But with all the heavy
    ppl and heavy cats in this nation, having a way to burn a few extra
    calories and bound more with your pet shouldn’t be critized!! Ppl need a
    little sunshine and fresh air just as much as a cat or dog needs it! The
    outdoors is beautiful and healthy. And this is a safe alternative for cats
    to get a little outdoor time w/o being harmed.

  7. sachinisking1
    | Reply

    @LdyWolf as long as the cat has a scratching post and toys to play with
    along with a window to look out of he will be happy. indoor cats live far
    longer than outdoor ones and if theyv never been out they adapt to indoors

  8. LdyWolf
    | Reply

    @ShinkuDragon Yes, the earlier the better! It’s like teaching a child a
    foreign language vs an adult. They will learn it much more quickly and it
    won’t seem like such a new thing or a threat to their safety. Start putting
    a harness on your kitty right away so he or she will get used to wearing
    it. Make it a positive thing by giving a treat before and after putting it
    on. And also when taking it off again. It will quickly learn to associate
    “harness” with “Num nums”

  9. jordan romero
    | Reply

    lol cats are assholes

  10. Abebil3
    | Reply

    This is the funniest video ive seen! 😀

  11. ProChoiceJesus
    | Reply

    @LdyWolf You say it’s “cruel to keep a cat indoors all it’s life,” but, do
    you really believe a cat knows anything about being outside if it doesn’t
    go out? I mean, why is it “cruel?” The statistics say an indoor cat lives
    often twice as long as an outdoor or indoor/outdoor cat. Cruel? I don’t
    understand. What’s cruel? Can a cat really comprehend it’s being kept
    indoors as cruelty? That doesn’t make sense. I know many, many
    seemingly-satisfied & happy, healthy indoor cats, including mine.

  12. jewie27
    | Reply

    my cat will eat the whole bag before i reach the door.

  13. Faiiliien
    | Reply

    @LdyWolf Wow, you are so full of shit. A cat isn’t going to die going out
    on it’s own, your cat is going to have a miserably existance if it can’t
    have any time away from you outdoors to go exploring. The only danger is
    the road and cats aren’t as thick as you, they know not to go in it, retard.

  14. Vire70
    | Reply

    @yinjara Hmph, how ignorant. Obviously you can teach them what you want
    them to do, that doesn’t mean they are programmable tools with no feelings.
    Saying “they are animals and need to be trained and treated as such” gives
    off an incredibly callous vibe. One could say the exact same about humans
    after all.

  15. kittyfan01
    | Reply


  16. Vire70
    | Reply

    @neveruse513 Lol yeah… it is so utterly characteristic of them. Such lazy
    but amusing animals.

  17. VictoryFire88
    | Reply

    I need to get a collar now. Lol

  18. moonsdancingshadow
    | Reply

    I have a seven-month-old Ragdoll, and he adores going for walks. I recently
    moved from my parents’ home to an apartment in another city, so this is a
    great way to keep him from feeling cooped up because of the smaller living

  19. TheGreatDefective
    | Reply

    Hahaha! Dogs aren’t so crap on leads! Finally, us dog owners one up on
    these cat lovers!

  20. LdyWolf
    | Reply

    @ApocalypsePlough Wrong! That’s where a RL comes in. Let the can walk YOU!
    You’re simply there to keep it safe from danger. Once you realize this,
    it’s a piece of cake. Don’t try to change your cat’s nature, by putting it
    through your idea of obedience training…adapt to his or her nature by
    using a RL and just letting him or her do what comes natural. To explore:)

  21. Anthony Saviano
    | Reply

    I tried this with my human, but he wouldn’t cooperate.

  22. Melissa McFarland
    | Reply

    I have a dog and 2 cats the dog learned quickly but my cats haven’t been
    trained yet so it may take awhile but I have faith in my cats and it is not
    stupid or like having a dog that’s for sure!

  23. Dza Va
    | Reply

    Now thats a huge kittie 🙂 what race is that cat?

  24. arenaskiez
    | Reply

    I want to walk down the park with two of my cats, this helped a bit, thanks!

  25. DuckyFmStudios66
    | Reply

    My cat was trained on a lead since she was a kitten ;D My cats Famous for
    being the only walking cat on a leash !

  26. muskabulldog
    | Reply

    I just cannot get the harness on my cat. Whenever he see’s me trying to put
    his head through that hole, he just runs away in fear. But when I can get
    it on, he’s so fat and uncooperative, I can’t get the other strap around
    him. Help please?

  27. Drew St. Jean
    | Reply

    looks like my cat, but wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy skinnier

  28. Bob Bass
    | Reply

    Gilligan takes several walks a day on his leash. He even hops up on a bar
    stool for us to put his halter on him every morning. Really saves on the
    kitty litter. Lizzards are fair game, he brings them in and plays with them
    in his cubes. I can say “get in the house” and drop his leash and he races
    me back to the door. I say “get in the truck” and Gilligan hops up in the
    front seat ready to go somewhere. Ya have to start very young.

  29. Rab9+10
    | Reply

    you walked a cat in a leash here , people would think your nuts lol

  30. naka63
    | Reply

    watch my video, egyptian mau on a leash at petsmart and watch how my cat
    walked on a leash…

  31. ojideagu .
    | Reply

    @spoottrockstar Ever heard of a Cat Flap/Cat Door?

  32. idiotownage
    | Reply

    lol ur gay, shes a flipping doctor, who knows better, u or her, so stfu

  33. Eduardo Lachy
    | Reply

    @whiskr1 put a cat hate comment on a cat enthusiast video… yeah that
    sounds like a good idea to get thumbs

  34. suiteangel45
    | Reply

    @YusukeIZmine Well cats are sometimes different because cats are more of
    the scratching or not that obedient than dogs do….. but yet some cats
    doesn’t need an owner to be patient when they love doing those thing LOL

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