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Many people have an aquarium of some kind in the home. It could be a small tank with only a few fish or a larger set up with plants and various kinds of fish. An aquarium water chiller can gently keep the water cool so that it’s a comfortable environment for everything that is in the tank.

When you begin adding coral to the tank, you need to add more light. The light tends to heat the water. As the water is heated, it can become too warm for the fish that are in the tank. This is where the chiller comes into play in many circumstances. There won’t be as many swings in the temperature as there would be if you didn’t combine a light and a chiller. It’s not advised to use the chiller solely by itself as it can bring the temperature down too quickly for long periods of time. It is a tool that can be used in the summer, especially if it stays humid in the area where you live. A hot tank can make it difficult for oxygen in the water to circulate, which can affect how the fish live.

One of the things that you can do before getting a chiller is to use a fan to see if the water will stay cool enough. However, a fan can sometimes speed up the process of evaporation, which will mean adding more water to the tank sooner than you want. Although a chiller can use more electricity, it might be balanced with the amount of water that you have to use along with the electricity from the fan.

There are usually a few kinds of chillers to choose from depending on how much time you want to take with the set up of the system. You can get a chiller that is dropped inside the water, which will usually stay in one place. If you need to change the temperature setting, you would need to get the chiller from the water, which can take some time if you have several fish in the tank. Another option is a system that sits on the side of the tank and features a pump that runs to the water.

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