Keep Your Pets Fit and Healthy

Keep Your Pets Fit and Healthy

By Paul Cris

All living beings have common necessities of air, water and food to survive. Similarly, they need to be physically fit at all times. Only the exercise programs differ from species to species.

Before scheduling a workout program for your pet consult your veterinarian. Ensure that your pet is in good health and fit to start off with an exercise program. Playing is an amazing activity for the pets and for you.

At the start, moderate paced walking or running will work out better. This will lead to a healthy cardiovascular functioning and strengthening of the muscles. Even swimming is a fabulous program for the dogs. Do not enforce stressful exercises on them as they may face ligament tear or stressful tendon problems. Keep them away from the other pets to avoid violent activities between them. A smooth surface like grass or muddy paths will give them comfort to continue their activities. A hard concrete surface causes irritation to their paws. When the outdoor temperature is extreme, such as freezing cold or extreme heat, then continue these activities indoors.

When you have tamed a cat, the kind of care will differ. Do not entertain them on smooth surfaces like couches or beds. Cats are of an idle nature compared to dogs, so a regular steady workout session will not work out for them. Allow them to climb ceilings, terraces or trees and do not stop them even if they are behaving mischievously. The cat is most fond of chasing and battling things that are tossed and loves hiding in large cartons, boxes or under the stretched carpet.

There are many other exotic pets apart from cats and dogs like small birds, mice, or turtles, which are always trapped in a cage. You must encourage them to move around for at least some time because they lose their muscle tone and become passive. Let them explore the life style in your drawing room or bedroom. Some creatures like pigs, hedgehogs or reptiles are just manic about swimming. Take pets like guinea pigs or hares for a stroll with a lace on their necks.

Accompanying your pets on an exercise program is indeed one of the best exercise activities for you too.

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