Karen Pryor, Getting Started: Clicker Training for Cats Kit

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Kit for clicker training for cats

Product Features

  • Easy Training
  • Fast Training
  • Make your training effective and fun!
  • Affordable

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3 Responses

  1. runningnut
    | Reply

    Worth buying This book is very easy to understand and fun to read. I taught my cats to give kisses and come when I click. I wish I had the time to teach them more but the “kisses” took no time at all. They learned in less than a day. You just have to find a treat the cat really likes (we have two cats and they absolutely loooove “pure bites”, freeze dried chicken treats). I would definitely get the clicker with it, too. It would be too much of a hassle to find one after receiving the book as they are not sold in all pet stores (or you may not want to spend the time going to the store). then you can start as soon as the package arrives. We had to get an additional clicker as we misplaced the first. We don’t want the cats to get too far from the house (and definitely be in the house at night time) and the clicker has been invaluable in getting the cats to come running home when we can’t find them. That alone is worth spending the money for the book!

  2. Layla B.
    | Reply

    Fun! My cat Parker LOVES his clicker! He is so willing to please since I started clicking with him. And actually meows until we can click together! He has become so much more affectionate also, and is becoming the lap cat I never wanted! But as long as he enjoys it, we will continue to click!

  3. Robin McSky
    | Reply

    The Cat rules! Bought this for my daughter who is madly in love with her cat. She loves it and has already started training her cat. She is very excited. I think this was her favorite present of all..the ipod was ignored while she spent 20 minutes poring over the book.

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