JumpStart Pet Rescue Review (Wii)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube


Link6694 helps rescure the pets in JumpStart Pet Rescue for the wii!!

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

Advertisement: Pet Care @ HART Market We have a fine selection of healthy dog products – Veterinary approved!

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9 Responses

  1. RobbanFoxer

    that is just creepy O_o
    why did you bother to buy it
    why did you play this???

  2. jrfps

    another crap made with unity.

  3. Link6694

    This isnt a bad game, plus your not the target audience for the game so back off.

  4. ClanSemiotic

    where do you buy it

  5. TheTemplai

    @RobbanFoxer I agree..

  6. cheacky2

    I don’t know why people are sending you bad comments. It’s a good game. I won’t buy it because I’m 14 years old, so I won’t play it. But it’s fun for little kids. I would recomend it for young children.

  7. sp3cial3dfr3d

    thanxs dude my boy is 4 and this will be good for him 🙂 i want to get him into gaming plus make him smart haha

  8. Mudacham

    Thanks man, was looking for good games for my young niece.

  9. wiiplayer9isback

    Well, I’m suprised that in this game, they don’t use the old cursor design from Jump Start Kindergarten in this game.

    To me, I thought that the Jump Start series is alright, but I think I got under the influence of these games during my intermediate years that I started flunking tests for some reason that I later abandoned them, but I often test them out on my new computers to see if they work. Most of the games work well on my brand-new Windows Vista laptop.