Joey the Trained Ferret’s first trip to the beach!!!

Joey got to experience the beach for the first time, and this video shows how he reacted! If you travel to the beach with your ferret please be sure they are not too hot! Ferrets can overheat easily. It’s also important that your ferret feels safe. I hope you enjoy this video!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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28 Responses

  1. A Fat White guys perspective
    | Reply

    is his tail okay?

  2. Travelor
    | Reply

    Just curious, what type of leash were you using and what happened to his tail?

  3. StarBurstTale :3
    | Reply

    :O good job 0 dislikes!

  4. Absynthe Black
    | Reply

    Hey your in my hood! LOL

  5. Thaino L Martinez
    | Reply

    I love you and Joey so much 😍

  6. dgdgfsfsg
    | Reply

    Cute, love joey, what happened to his tail?

  7. Paul Avery
    | Reply

    Joey ain't dumb, he's like this is a really wide open area with no sanctuary or coverage. There's a massive body of liquid roaring in front of me. You know what? I think I'm going to take this really really slow. Sorry Mom, you'll just have to wait !

  8. Paul Avery
    | Reply

    Joey's the King!!!

  9. Avery Abbott
    | Reply

    Hi, I think my ferret is coming to the end of its life do you have any advice for what I should do?

  10. Richard K
    | Reply

    I think its a bit cruel to only have 1 ferret. After I got a second ferret, my first ferret has never been happier. They sleep together, groom each other, play together in ways that humans just can't play with a ferret, and they keep each other company when I'm not with them.

  11. Gaz's Big Show
    | Reply

    Always love to see you both having fun x

  12. Maiyunbby
    | Reply

    Lol im glad my boy isnt the only fuzzy whos a big scaredy cat

  13. Darlene Connon
    | Reply

    Aww Joey you're so cute!

  14. Sam Cox
    | Reply

    joey is so cute

  15. Kaitlyn Lawrence
    | Reply

    Do you have any tips on taking a ferret on a road trip? ❤️ love you videos!!

  16. Lisuje16
    | Reply

    The Joey commentary was adorable! "the water bit me!!!" too cute!

  17. Jay Bro
    | Reply

    this is so calming….I could watch him dig for hours….he gets so into it!! as long as his hiney is in the kennel lol
    he is such a sweetie boy!!

  18. Dee's Pets
    | Reply

    Little fert big beach

  19. Aliyah! The Niche fanatic
    | Reply

    Can you do more vlog like videos? I would really like that

  20. Michelle Valencia
    | Reply

    Adorable!!! I love to see Joey, and you too! You really brightened my day!

  21. crist 7582
    | Reply

    also do you know how to prevent my ferrets from pooping in corners

  22. Smokey&Milo
    | Reply

    Omg I love your videos you inspired me to bring my ferret to the beach

  23. Mary Ellen Byrne
    | Reply

    So I guess Joey' s attitude would be "just say no to sand" as well as snow

  24. Thomas Höfler
    | Reply

    more of this please 😏

  25. Ferret Lover7192006
    | Reply

    thanks for uploading these vids they are great help for learning

  26. Ferret Lover7192006
    | Reply

    i just love your videos I wish one day I can see you😔😪😴😫😒😓😢😢😭😭😧😦☹💩💩🙀

  27. Ferret Lover7192006
    | Reply

    me too I'm getting a ferret too I wish you couldve helped me train it because it is going to be hard and I want to see joey in real life it's so sad 😯🙁😔😟

  28. Dovahkiin
    | Reply

    How old is Joey, now? Love your videos!❤️

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