I've Got A Horse, Now What?

I’ve Got A Horse, Now What?

By Belinda Osgood

Ever since I was a little girl, I hoped and prayed for a horse to call my own. It became a ritual every birthday and Christmas that I would first check the property for a horse tied up to the plum tree, or stabled in the garage with the family sedan. Of course, I was totally naïve as to the expense of owning a horse and so I was always disappointed. Somewhere in my teens I gave up on the dream. So it was at the more mature age of 31 that my dream was finally realised and I became the owner of a precious baby girl (well, 14-year-old ex-Pacer, Standardbred mare). But to me she was my new baby and she came with the most perfect name, Angel.

So here was my dream, in living colour, high spirits and dignified stubbornness. I … well I was an untrained and inexperienced, though willing, Mum of one huge equine. I had no gear and even less of an idea. So began my training to become a suitable mum for my beloved dream come true.

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